Aaron Crow Scouting Report

March 9, 2008


The basics

Fastball..Sat 90-93 touched 94. Good late life .....located on both sides of the plate and also used up in the zone often.

Slider..83-85 used in almost any count. Rarely used for first pitch of any at bat. At times, a very good pitch, with substantial break. Thrown from very similar arm slot as fastball. Strikeout pitch five times in this game. Threw it for strikes and bounced it when necessary.

Changeup..Rarely used, fringe-average pitch. Strikeout pitch one time in this game. When used, often utilized early in an at bat.

Delivery..3/4 delivery, could be considered low 3/4, but not a sidearmer by any means. Delivery did not seem to be max effort. A bit of excess movement behind his right hip just before his right arm comes forward.

Fielding/Holding Runners..Did not have many runners to hold in this outing, but did show a quick step off move to first. No read on fielding in this game. Slide step utilized when runners did reach. Did not lose focus when runners reached. No reading on time to plate, but average at worst.

Other observations

Velocity did fade late in this outing. Mostly 90mph in last inning, however pitch count did get a bit high (114).

Weather conditions were not favorable. Low 30's with a moderate wind at times.

Got ahead of 14 hitters with first pitch. Four balls put in play on first pitch. Fell behind nine hitters on first pitch.

Retired 11 of 12 hitters at one point.

Got in shouting match with opposing dugout after inducing a GIDP. Next hitter faced the following sequence:

1. Locked up swing on a brush back pitch..92 mph
2. Slider 83 low and away, swung on and missed badly.
3. Slider 85 low and away, swung on and missed badly to end the inning.

All scouts pleased with Crow's approach in this AB, especially as it was the last batter he faced and directly followed the verbal exchange.

Behind the box score

Got a strikeout on a slider inside to a left handed batter. Batter swung and missed badly and pitch had so much break, it bounced about one foot behind the hitter and rolled to the backstop, allowing the hitter to reach.

9 total strikeouts.. six swinging.

Only two hits were soft singles to opposite field, nothing hit with authority or pulled.

One HBP could have been called a strike. Hitter leaned over plate, Mizzou dugout very unhappy with the call.