Spring Scouting: Carlos Carrasco

April 8, 2009

The following information was gathered from Carlos Carrasco's March 26th, 2009 start against the New York Yankees in Clearwater, Florida. I watched the game on YES and used their radar gun for velocities.

The Basics:

Fastball...91-92 and touched 93 a dozen times. Average fastball was 92 MPH. Thrown 57 times out of 89 pitches (64.0%). Had nice, cutting action. He struck out Johnny Damon and Jose Molina on 91 MPH fastballs -- both looking. Hideki Matsui and Cody Ransom both turned 93 MPH fastballs into home runs. Matsui's was a good piece of hitting off a well-located, low-and-in pitch. Ransom's was right down the middle.

Changeup...83-84 the 14 times he threw it (15.7%); average 84 MPH. He struck out Matsui with this pitch. Robinson Cano doubled on a 84 MPH changeup that Carrasco left over the middle of the plate in the first inning.

Curveball...74-76 the 13 times he threw it (14.6%); average 76 MPH. He struck Molina out looking with a 76 MPH curveball in the fourth inning.

Breaking ball...66-69 the 5 times he threw it (5.62%); average 67 MPH. This was a loopy, show-me pitch. He only threw it for a strike twice.

Box Score Breakdown:

Carrasco's final line was: 5.0 IP, 6 H (2 HR, 2 2B), 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 4 K (22 TBF). He had five groundouts and five flyouts. Derek Jeter stole second off of him in the first inning. Damon was caught stealing in the third inning. Nick Swisher drew the Yankees' lone walk against Carrasco

Overall Opinion:

Carrasco's the kind of guy who can tease onlookers with moments of dominance only to leave a few pitches right over the plate the next inning and get rocked. He seemed comfortable throwing strikes with each of his four offerings. He has the ability to generate a lot of movement on his fastball and changeup. But he tends to work VERY quickly, especially when he's not in a good groove. Carrasco could be the kind of guy who really puts things together three or four years from now. He has the talent to become of top-of-the-rotation starter. He'll just need to stay healthy and maintain his focus on the mound.


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