Top 25 Pitching Prospects

by Project Prospect
October 1, 2009

C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / OF / CF / P

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Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Stephen Strasburg   RHP   CH is a wild card but his FB and CB are both MLB-ready pitches; mechanics aren't perfect   21.2   WAS   NCAA
2   Brian Matusz   LHP   Flew through minors thanks to 4 potential above-average pitches; commands at the knees   22.7   BAL   MLB
3   Daniel Hudson   RHP   Too good to be true? Showing lots of FB/CH movement in bigs; needs a out pitch for righties 22.6   CHW   MLB
4   Neftali Feliz   RHP   Still a bit raw but has ace potential thanks to FB that sits in mid-90s and outstanding slider   21.4   TEX   MLB
5   Jeremy Hellickson   RHP   Works off 90-93 FB that he pounds zone with; outstanding CH; CB is solid but inconsistent   22.5   TB   AAA
6   Wade Davis   RHP   Commands straight,  90-94 FB well; CB can be filthy and SL is a good pitch; CH isn't special   24.1   TB   MLB
7   Carlos Carrasco   RHP   We love the movement on his FB, CH and CB, but we'll admit that he's still raw; ace upside   22.5   CLE   MLB
8   Jhoulys Chacin   RHP   Has question marks and upside; great movement on sinking FB; CH is his out pitch; good SL   21.7   COL   MLB
9   Madison Bumgarner   LHP   Strength is good command of deceptive FB; SL has improved -- still inconsistent, though   20.2   SF   MLB
10   Kyle Drabek   RHP   Finesse guy with a power arsenal; a pitcher more than thrower; 92-96 FB; CB is a K pitch   21.8   PHI   AA
11   Martin Perez   LHP   Throws sharp hammer curve, dirty slider and straight, 94-96 FB -- mediocre FB command   18.5   TEX   AA
12   Christian Friedrich   LHP   Best pitch: devastating CB that he commands well; 90-94 FB w/ good sink; CH could be ave. 22.2   COL   A+
13   Hector Rondon   RHP   Raw w/ upside; 91-94 FB -- misses over the plate a bit too much; impressive SL and CH   21.6   CLE   AAA
14   Junichi Tazawa   RHP   Deceptive pitcher has huge 12/6 CB, good FB movement and strong CH; excellent command 23.3   BOS   MLB
15   Mike Leake   RHP   Awesome command of 90-93 FB that has a lot of movement; impressive CH; big GB guy   21.9   CIN   NCAA
16   Jon Niese   LHP   His 88-92 FB moves a lot + is deceptive -- commands it well, too; CB can be a knee-buckler   22.9   NYM   MLB
17   Jake Arrieta   RHP   Good athlete; 3 promising secondary pitches; straight 90-93 FB w/ inconsistent command   23.6   BAL   AAA
18   Jenrry Mejia   RHP   Owner of a filthy 94-98 FB that has hard, cutting action; CH has excellent movement   20.0   NYM   AA
19   Casey Kelly   RHP   Outstanding athlete has three pitches that could be ave. or better: 86-90 FB, CB and CH   20.0   BOS   A+
20   Michael Montgomery   LHP   Up-and-down 1st full season; was tough to hit, missed a lot of bats and adjusted well to A+ 20.3   KC   A+
21   Jarrod Parker   RHP   No. 1-2 stuff, near-MLB ready, but elbow injury could steal some time; FB command lacking   20.9   ARI   AA
22   Kevin Mulvey   RHP   Big CB has emerged as a K pitch; great, sinking FB -- not always sharp; could be a no. 3-4   24.4   ARI   MLB
23   Brad Lincoln   RHP   Thrower more than a pitcher; hard and heavy 2 and 4-seamer; promising CB is inconsistent   24.4   PIT   AAA
24   Matthew Moore   LHP   Has MLB stuff; very good CH, disgusting CB, explosive 88-91 FB -- isn't always sharp   20.3   TB   A
25   Zeke Spruill   RHP   Gets nasty sink with 91-92 FB; CH may already be a plus pitch; his CB is a good pitch, too   20.1   ATL   A
Honorable Mentions
26   Julio Teheran   RHP   Had some dominant Low-A outings at end of the season, including 7 no-hit innings on 9/2   18.7   ATL   A
27   Stolmy Pimentel   RHP   Began year w/ very good CB, finished w/ outstanding -- we heard a Zito comp for the pitch 19.7   BOS   A
28   Casey Crosby   LHP   Recovered from high walk rates in April/May to have plenty of dominating 2nd-half outings   21.1   DET   A
29   Zach Britton   LHP   Sick GB rates + steady performance and improving command = 2010 breakout candidate   21.8   BAL   A+
30   Zack Stewart   RHP   Fast-riser has MLB stuff; question is if he can handle a starter's work load going forward   23.0   TOR   AAA
Graduated: Chris Tillman (6) and Mat Latos (22).            
* Ages are as of October 1, 2009; Lvl is the highest level the player has reached; Our rankings put a lot of weight into floor as well as ceiling
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