Top 15 Third Base Prospects

November 2, 2009

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Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Pedro Alvarez   3B   Poor glove but awesome power. -- 30+ HR threat; below-ave. contact hitter; slow   23.2   PIT   AA
2   Brett Wallace   3B/1B   Adjusted to AAA quickly; bat likely to be at least ave.; limited range -- future at 1B?   23.6   OAK   AAA
3   James Darnell   3B   Great K-zone management; 25+ HR potential; solid speed and D; a lot to like here   23.2   SD   A+
4   Joshua Bell   3B   Masher can walk and make decent contact; soft hands, but range a question mark   23.4   BAL   AA
5   Matt Dominguez   3B   Power will determine upside; high FB% = lots of outs; we want to see his range   20.6   FLA   AA
6   Mat Gamel   3B   Strengths are LD-stroke and solid pop; struggles with contact and glove isn't great   24.7   MIL   MLB
7   Josh Vitters   3B   Elite contact hitter w/ pop; Can he hit for power in AA with virtually no patience?   20.6   CHC   A+
8   Logan Forsythe   3B   LD machine w/ good glove; limited power and upside at 3B; move to 2B coming?   23.2   SD   AA
9   Lonnie Chisenhall 3B   Jump to A+ then AA in first full season shows upside; good power, OK contact bat   21.5   CLE   AA
10   Matt Sweeney   3B/DH   Great power, solid K-zone manager; unlikely 3B (range); injuries have limited him   22.0   TB   A+
11   Mike Moustakas   3B   Extreme fly-ball hitter w/ some pop, OK contact skills and very little patience   21.6   KC   A+
12   Bobby Borchering   3B   Sick power; his weight shift could use some work; not greatest bet to stick as a 3B   19.4   ARI   R
13   Juan Francisco   3B   There's no doubting his awesome power; BB% is well-below-ave. and K% isn't great 22.8   CIN   MLB
14   Dayan Viciedo   3B   Thrown into the fire in AA -- it didn't go well; good LD & contact hitter w/ some pop   21.1   CHW   AA
15   Jake Smolinski   3B   His power is nothing special but he's a good contact and LD hitter; slow runner   21.2   FLA   A
* Ages are as of 4/1/10; Lvl is the highest the player has reached; Our rankings put a lot of weight into floor as well as ceiling
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