Photo investigation: Strasburg's neck injury

November 8, 2009

The Arizona Fall League's Rising Stars Game began to garner national interest for one reason: Stephen Strasburg.

After learning that a strained neck muscle would prevent Strasburg from participating in the event, we decided to investigate the extent of the injury. The following evidence depicts his condition at 12:24 pm on Friday, November 6:

We strongly believe the Nationals' use of caution was warranted. While Strasburg was able to participate in baseball activities, photoshoots and autograph sessions 36 hours prior to the event, he was unable to cheer effectively, strike the Magnum pose or sign for fans who were directly above him. Spectators who selfishly expected him to make a cameo at the Rising Stras' Game were not being realistic. You don't run the risk of damaging a once-in-a-generation talent by having him sit in a dugout for four hours. That's pure lunacy.


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