AFL: They said it

November 20, 2009

Adam and Brett interviewed over a dozen players at the AFL last week. From tired catchers to pitchers who are trying to become hitters, they discussed baseball with a rich blend of talents. Here are some of our favorite quotes from these conversations:

Brandon Erbe on the fans and Strasburg

"I just don't think he gets enough credit for being a nice guy. And the fans might give him a bad rap because he gets so mobbed for autographs that if he doesn't sign for somebody they get upset with him."

"Brandon Snyder put on Strasburg's jersey and walked out of the clubhouse and like 50 people just swarmed around him. And Snyder got scared so he took of the jersey and was like, 'Sorry guys, I did it to take some of the pressure off him.' But he was just like 'That was one of the scariest things I've ever done.'"

Domonic Brown on not being traded to Toronto

"You know, it's humbling for me. A guy like Roy Halladay's probably going to be a Hall of Famer and the Phillies didn't give me up, so that means a lot to me."

Josh Bell on the tattoos that cover both of his arms

"My right side is mainly biblical and stuff for my dad, who passed away. And my left side is just things like koi fish for prosperity and more of an Asian theme." 

Casey Kelly on Jose Iglesias

"He's unbelievable in the field -- probably the quickest hands I've even seen. He's young too so he's just gonna get better and better each game he has. It's fun to watch him play."

Jemile Weeks on working with Rickey Henderson

"He opened my eyes to some new techniques...things about what to look for when the pitcher’s going to the plate or as far as knowing where you are with your lead…different approaches to make your jump quicker and more explosive from out of your stance to run to second base."

Dustin Ackley on his hitting approach

"I'm a guy that's not gonna hit a lot of home runs -- I mean, I hit 22 during the college season -- but I'm not a guy that tries to hit home runs. Sometimes I even try to hit home runs and I can't do it. If hitting line drives is the worst thing I do, I guess I'll have to take that."

Bryan Petersen on Ryan Kalish's defense

"He takes good routes to balls, he's smart, he's got a good arm. It's really easy to play outfield with him. You know that he's gonna get to a lot of balls, so it makes your job a lot easier if you're playing next to makes the outfield gel. He makes it a lot easier on guys that play next to him."

Freddie Freeman on his elbow injury

"I got an injury right now that every time I swing, I seem to hyperextend my elbow, and I can't swing because if I do it the pain is just so intense, I can't do it."

Ryan Kalish on Lars Anderson's 2009 struggles

"That kid is the most talented baseball player I've ever seen. He's gonna get ready this off-season and come back just fine next year."

Josh Vitters on taking walks

"It's something I maybe need to improve by just being -- I really don't know -- a little more patient sometimes."

Mike Leake on his approach to pitching

"I try to have fun and just kind of clown around with hitters a little bit...just try to make them look look silly."

Buster Posey on if he feels like a catcher

"It’s been three years now so I feel like a catcher now. Even running I feel like a catcher unfortunately sometimes (laughs)."

Jordan Danks on facing his brother John during the off-season

"We get in the cage and he'll throw some live to me. He tells me how he'd get me out and I lose a lot of bats to him. So I've gotta call my agent up and be like, 'Hey, my brother broke like 10 of my bats today, can I get some more?'"


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