Top 15 Shortstop Prospects

by Project Prospect
November 24, 2009

C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / OF / CF / P

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Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Alcides Escobar   SS   Plays exceptional all-around defense; very fast; good contact hitter; not much pwr   23.3   MIL   MLB
2   Starlin Castro   SS   Smooth defender has quick, LD hack that's great for contact; HR power is missing   20.0   CHC   AA
3   Jiovanni Mier   SS   Likely MLBer; well-rounded: good LD bat, patient, quick release, elite footwork   19.6   HOU   R
4   Jose Iglesias   SS   Defensive wizard -- MLB-ready glove; great contact hitter; decent pop; impatient   20.2   BOS   INT
5   Chase D'Arnaud   SS/2B   Not an electric talent, but gets more and more impressive every time you see him   23.2   PIT   A+
6   Danny Espinosa   SS   Streaky power hitter has cannon of an arm and shows a lot of patience; ave. speed   23.0   WAS   A+
7   Drew Cumberland SS   Has lots going for him: bat speed, foot speed, patience, contact; arm isn't accurate   21.2   SD   A
8   Ian Desmond   SS   Bat could be solid at SS; inconsistent D but good range/arm; he has good speed   24.5   WAS   MLB
9   Ivan De Jesus   SS   Good contact hitter with patience doesn't hit for much power but plays solid D   22.9   LAD   AA
10   Reid Brignac   SS   Impatient but good LD hitter w/ power; Ks have been slight problem & D is only OK   24.2   TB   MLB
11   Grant Green   SS   Wasn't a patient college hitter; contact skills and power don't stand out; raw bat   22.5   OAK   NCAA
12   Hector Gomez   SS   Plus runner has great arm; very good defender; pull-happy hitter with no patience   22.1   COL   A+
13   Ruben Tejada   SS   Elite contact ability, speed and glove give him high floor; not patient or powerful   20.6   NYM   AA
14   Yamaico Navarro   SS   Endured a hamate bone injury in 2009; lack of discipline limits ceiling; solid pop   22.4   BOS   AA
15   David Renfroe   SS   Soft hands, great arm, agile; probably will too big for SS; sweet swing/good power   19.4   BOS   HS
* Ages are as of 4/1/10; Lvl is the highest the player has reached; Our rankings put a lot of weight into floor as well as ceiling
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