DPG available for pre-order

January 5, 2010

First Inning and Project Prospect recently united to form First Inning Media. Jake Hamlin owns FI and Adam Foster owns PP. We share a common goal. Both of us want to invest heavily in making minor league and amateur baseball information available.

We saw an opportunity to enhance the prospect book experience by combining video, analysis, and modern statistics into a new product. That's what we're offering: the Digital Prospect Guide.

Guide Type


"It's a great concept that will inevitably be imitated by others." - Jesse Burkhart (prospect fan)

"A must-have for prospect enthusiasts." - Pat Andriola of The Hardball Times

"It's really cool stuff." - Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com/MiLB.com

"If you’re interested in tracking prospects around baseball, be sure to check out the Digital Prospect Guide. It's outstanding." - Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog.com 

"The DPG is an outstanding idea and turned out extremely well from what I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scout or stat head that loves the minors, the DPG is a valuable reference for the 2010 season an beyond." - Zach Sanders of Baseball Digest Daily

"The detailed information provided for each prospect is vastly more informative than what is provided by the other guys. Stuff like comparing the mechanics of Jason Heyward's swing to the mechanics of Shane Victorino's swing, or the direct source info from Ackley that he expects to stay in the OF...you just don't see this type of info from the other prospect sources. I also like that they take some "strong" stances -- like the doubts on Strasburg's mechanics." - Joel Brandhorst (prospect fan)


The videos will only play when you open the document in Adobe Reader -- they won't work with Preview. 

Once you've downloaded a sample, left click on the Buster Posey and Stephen Strasburg pictures to play their videos. If you're using the PC sample, you can also right click on videos while they're playing to pause them and play them in slow-motion or Full Screen. If the videos won't play for you, try downloading the newest version of Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

Click here to download a PC sample

Click here to download a Mac sample

Product Details

The guide will be a pdf document with player pages for either 25 ($15) 100 ($25) or 300 ($40) players. It will contain edited video of as many players as possible. We took over 1,000 prospect videos in 2009. We've also teamed up with some skilled prospect videographers.

Prospect write-ups will be organized by Foster, who edited for Baseball America during his first year out of college. In addition to his thoughts and analysis, we'll be drawing from a pool of information provided by our consultants, trained scouting experts who regularly attend amateur and minor league games.

Our statistics come from First Inning's database. We'll have minor league batted ball data for hitters and pitchers. Player stat lines will also include common metrics that we view as useful tools for statistical analysis.

Why Pre-order?

An exclusive Stephen Strasburg bullpen session video and Dustin Ackley interview will be given to individuals who pre-order the Digital Prospect Guide. You'll also be given a mini-Digital Prospect Guide with scouting reports on our top 10 prospects.

Planned Release Dates
25-player guide: Now available!
100-player guide: Now available!
300-player guide: Now available!

* Books will likely be made available in approximately 50-player increments. 

Media Inquiries

If you blog or tweet to a large audience, you may be granted access to an extended Digital Prospect Guide sample. Please email adamf@projectprospect.com for additional details.