We're building a Scouting Department

February 18, 2010

Concept: With some direction and hordes of contributers, we can build a community scouting department that will revolutionize baseball scouting.

Goal: Fuse contributions into quality reports, articles and information that will reach hundreds of thousands of amateur and minor league baseball followers.


Not everyone is or wants to be a scout. But just about anyone can operate a video camera. And we all have skills that we can bring to the table. There's a massive community of recreational prospect followers out there. Some for hobby, some who hope to turn baseball into a career. What's keeping us from organizing to become a force in the scouting community?

I like to think big. You're reading these words today because about three and a half years ago I sought to find a way that I could bring prospect fans together, a college student with a summer ahead of him researching until his eyes went bloodshot.

The Digital Prospect Guide is well underway. It's going to change the way we view prospects and scouting. A community of people working together on similar efforts is next. There's too much knowledge floating around not to head in this direction.

I'd like to pour resources into creating a team, a Project Prospect Scouting Department. We'll find roles for anyone who's interested.

Let me know that you want in by joining our forums and following the steps here. You can also send information in the format on that page to adamf@projectprospect.com. I'll create the directory. We can communicate through Twitter (ex. Anyone see Derek Norris last season? Got some notes on him?).

We're just getting started. Let's teach each other, learn from each other and work together.