2010 Top 100 Prospect List

by Project Prospect
February 23, 2010
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Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Jason Heyward   RF   Has the skills to turn into one of baseball's best hitters; back injury is a concern   20.7   ATL   AAA
2   Desmond Jennings   CF   Solid bet to surface as an above-average big leaguer, with his D and contact bat   23.4   TB   AAA
3   Jesus Montero   C/DH   Sick power bat and an elite contact hitter, though he's probably not a catcher   20.4   NYY   AA
4   Stephen Strasburg   RHP   May emerge as No. 1 as soon as '10; painful mechanics will likely lead to injury   21.7   WAS   NCAA
5   Carlos Santana   C   Power-hitting catcher with outstanding patience; could become a plus defender   24.0   CLE   AA
6   Dustin Ackley   CF/LF   In convo for decade's best college hitter; patient LD bat and good defensive OF   22.1   SEA   NCAA
7   Brian Matusz   LHP   Command pitcher with a power arsenal and MLB track record; potential No. 1-2   23.2   BAL   MLB
8   Buster Posey   C   Polished all-around hitter and a solid defender; very high floor as well as ceiling 23.0   SF   MLB
9   Justin Smoak   1B   Elite patience and power to go along with good contact skills; limited to 1B on D   23.3   TEX   AAA
10   Fernando Martinez   LF/RF   Plus power/good contact skills may allow him to ascend to stardom some day   21.5   NYM   MLB
11   Alcides Escobar   SS   One of baseball's best defensive SS; elite contact bat but not much power or BB   23.3   MIL   MLB
12   Pedro Alvarez   3B   Awesome power hitter; probably doesn't have the agility for 3B; will K often   23.2   PIT   AA
13   Michael Taylor   LF/RF   Making unbelievable strides as a pro; scary part is he could continue to improve 24.3   OAK   AAA
14   Neftali Feliz   RHP   Stuff is filthy (FB sat 93-96 in MLB);will he be able to jump up to SP innings?   21.9   TEX   MLB
15   Michael Stanton   RF   No one doubts 80 power -- also patient; contact struggles do give him a low floor 20.4   FLA   AA
16   Josh Bell   3B   Should be solid defender; patient, powerful & works the count well; could K a lot   23.4   BAL   AA
17   Yonder Alonso   1B   Very polished LD hitter; patient + makes lots of contact; how much power is here? 23.0   CIN   AA
18   Jaff Decker   LF   Above-average power hitter and extremely patient; better athlete than most think   20.1   SD   A
19   Logan Morrison   1B   Safe bet for a lengthy career; swing + approach may not lead to very much power   22.6   FLA   AA
20   Mike Leake   RHP   Combines plus plus command and outstanding movement; likely No. 3 - maybe 2   22.4   CIN   NCAA
21   Jhoulys Chacin   RHP   Great sinking FB & plus changeup; curve flashes plus break; chance to be a No. 2   22.2   COL   MLB
22   James Darnell   3B   Good bet to be solid MLBer; swing resembles J. Upton's - not as explosive, though 23.2   SD   A+
23   Madison Bumgarner   LHP   No. 1-2 upside; great command of deceptive FB; SL is erratic; change lacks polish   20.7   SF   MLB
24   Domonic Brown   RF   Quick-twitch athlete has great bat speed; awkward swing mechanics limit ceiling 22.6   PHI   AA
25   Chris Carter   1B   Monster power will come w/ perhaps 200 Ks a year -- patient too; no value on D   23.3   OAK   AAA
26   Martin Perez   LHP   Just needs to prove he can handle a SP's workload; potential for 3 plus pitches   19.0   TEX   AA
27   Ryan Westmoreland   CF/LF   Outstanding athlete w/ speed, power, patience and strong arm; very high upside   19.9   BOS   SS
28   Wade Davis   RHP   Horse of a SP; extended track record in minors, solid FB & 2 good breaking balls   24.6   TB   MLB
29   Brett Wallace   1B/3B   Won't stick at 3B, but could be slightly above-average overall as a first baseman   23.6   TOR   AAA
30   Daniel Hudson   RHP   Reached the bigs in his full-season debut; great FB/CH combo; SL is inconsistent   23.1   CHW   MLB
31   Derek Norris   C/DH   Extemely patient power hitter but he will stike out; not a good bet to stick at C   21.1   WAS   A
32   Aroldis Chapman   LHP   Didn't have great command in Cuban League, but hard to doubt his stuff   22.1   CIN   n/a
33   Todd Frazier   2B/LF   Unorthodox swing has led to sweet LD rates; his defensive home is uncertain   24.1   CIN   AAA
34   Alex Avila   C   Rapid rise from from 5th rounder to MLB; solid bet to stick at C; decent upside   23.2   DET   MLB
35   Casey Kelly   RHP   Doesn't have top-notch FB velo, but knows how to pitch & has a polished arsenal 20.5   BOS   A+
36   Starlin Castro   SS   Good contact bat doesn't walk and power upside is limited; can he stick at SS?   20.0   CHC   AA
37   Thomas Neal   LF/1B   Fresh off outstanding offensive season in the low-minors; may end up as a 1B   22.6   SF   A+
38   Jose Iglesias   SS   Best defensive SS in minors; good contact hitter; questions about power & BB%   20.2   BOS   n/a
39   Chris Heisey   LF/CF   D-III stud turned legit MLB prospect; may not be a star but likely a solid regular   25.3   CIN   AAA
40   Brett Lawrie   2B   Balanced power hitter with above-average speed reached AA in 1st full season   20.2   MIL   AA
41   Lonnie Chisenhall   3B   Established himself as an elite power/contact hitter in A+; solid bet to stick at 3B 21.5   CLE   AA
42   Tony Sanchez   C   Nearly a lock to stick at C; hit for power, walked & didn't K; 4th overall pick ('09)   21.9   PIT   A+
43   Nick Weglarz   LF/DH   Played w/ a broken leg in '09; very patient, plus power, not a bad contact bat   22.3   CLE   AA
44   Hector Rondon   RHP   Composed + has great command; doesn't try to overpower guys; fly-ball pitcher   22.1   CLE   AAA
45   Logan Forsythe   3B   Patient, balanced LD hitter who could be a good defensive 3B; maybe even a 2B   23.2   SD   AA
46   Brandon Snyder   1B   Bat will get him to the bigs - smooth swing + patient; former C is now stuck at 1B   23.4   BAL   AAA
47   Jason Castro   C   Already outstanding defensive C; simple LD swing doesn't generate much power   22.8   HOU   AA
48   Jon Niese   LHP   Commands a sinking FB; CB and SL both get swing-throughs; Likely no. 3 starter   23.4   NYM   MLB
49   Matt Dominguez   3B   Slow but still an elite defender; lots of offensive potential, though swing is long   20.6   FLA   AA
50   Aaron Hicks   CF   Patient hitter with some power; he plays an outstanding CF - great speed/arm   20.5   MIN   A
51   Zach Britton   LHP   Sick GB rates + steady performance and improving command = breakout talent   22.3   BAL   AA
52   Michael Montgomery LHP   Up-and-down 1st season; tough to hit, missed lots of bats & adjusted well to A+   20.8   KC   A+
53   Tyler Matzek   LHP   Clean mechanics, promising command, projection and polish…so everything   19.5   COL   n/a
54   Michael Trout   CF   Very high upside; reached Low-A 5 weeks after signing; solid all-around talent   18.7   LAA   A
55   Jared Mitchell   CF   Patient lefty hits lots of LD and has elite speed; contact skills may hold him back   21.5   CHW   A
56   Wil Myers   C   Very athletic, elite bat speed, strong arm, good footwork; promising pro debut   19.3   KC   R
57   Ike Davis   1B   Strong pro debut; contact is a concern; potential to hit 35+ bombs a season   23.0   NYM   AA
58   Jake Arrieta   RHP   Good athlete w/ promising secondary; straight 90-93 FB - inconsistent command   24.1   BAL   AAA
59   Wilson Ramos   C   Could be Ramon Hernandez w/ worse approach but better D; promising power   22.7   MIN   AA
60   Carlos Carrasco   RHP   Misses up in the zone a lot; good movement on his FB, CH and CB; no. 2 upside   23.0   CLE   MLB
61   Tanner Scheppers   RHP   Electric mid-90s FB, plus SL; pure stuff could make him a no. 1; was healhy at AFL   23.2   TEX   NCAA
62   Travis d'Arnaud   C   Elite defender w/ good contact skills & power; BB% was 3.7 in Apr. vs. 9.5 in Aug.   21.2   TOR   A
63   Ian Desmond   SS   Bat could be solid at SS; inconsistent D but good range/arm; he has good speed   24.5   WAS   MLB
64   Jiovanni Mier   SS   High floor, well-rounded talent: LD bat, patient, quick release, elite footwork   19.6   HOU   R
65   Chris Withrow   RHP   FB 92-95 w/ glove side run; potential plus CB; solid CH; late forearm turnover   21.0   LAD   AA
66   Jarrod Parker   RHP   His stuff is No. 1-2 quality; near-MLB ready - elbow injury will steal some time   21.4   ARI   AA
67   Scott Sizemore   2B   Has a chance to be avg. MLBer -- quick wrists; tore ankle tendons at AFL (sugery)   25.3   DET   AAA
68   Danny Espinosa   SS   Streaky hitter has cannon of an arm and a good amount of patience; avg. speed   23.0   WAS   A+
69   Chase d'Arnaud   SS   Not an electric talent, but gets more and more impressive every time you see him   23.2   PIT   A+
70   Michael Saunders   LF/CF   His approach is contact-oriented; more aggression and he could be a big riser   23.4   SEA   MLB
71   Jonathan Lucroy   C   Upside isn't overwhelming; could turn into average regular; solid D, good BB/K   24.2   MIL   AA
72   Kyle Drabek   RHP   Red-flag mechanics and an injury history; finesse pitcher with a power arsenal   22.3   TOR   AA
73   Freddie Freeman   1B   Great contact hitter w/ power questions; slowed by hand & elbow injuries in '09   20.6   ATL   AA
74   Jacob Turner   RHP   Polished prep pitcher; FB who has hit 97-98 mph; good curveball and change   18.9   DET   n/a
75   Max Ramirez   C/DH   Slowed by wrist injuries in '09; good power & patience; has struggled w/ contact   25.5   TEX   MLB
76   Josh Reddick   CF/OF   Missed a chunk of '09 w/ a strained oblique; standout power; decent contact   23.1   BOS   MLB
77   Jeremy Hellickson   RHP   Poor mechanics and injury history; he pounds zone w/ 90-93 FB; outstanding CH   23.0   TB   AAA
78   Tyler Flowers   C   Long swing isn't good for contact + defensive questions take away from ceiling   24.2   CHW   MLB
79   Ryan Strieby   1B/OF   Awesome power considering '08-'09 wrist injuries; low contact rate is a concern   24.7   DET   AA
80   Ryan Kalish   CF/LF   Good contact hitter w/ excellent arm and some power; too bulky for CF long-term   22.0   BOS   AA
81   Donovan Tate   CF   Fast runner w/ quick bat & good arm; uncertainty with his patience; good athlete   19.5   SD   n/a
82   Grant Green   SS   Wasn't a patient college hitter; contact skills and power don't stand out; raw bat   22.5   OAK   A+
83   Matt Sweeney   3B/DH   Great power, solid patience; unlikely 3B (poor range); injuries have limited him   22.0   TB   A+
84   Anthony Rizzo   1B   Big fella with polished approach at the plate, but he may not hit for much power   20.7   BOS   A+
85   Ivan De Jesus   SS   Good contact hitter with patience doesn't hit for much power but plays solid D   22.9   LAD   AA
86   Julio Teheran   RHP   Skinny starter had some dominant Low-A outings, including 7 no-hit IP on 9/2   19.2   ATL   A
87   Hank Conger   C/DH   Bat will get him to the bigs; won't offer much on D; slowest runner we saw at AFL   22.2   LAA   AA
88   Christian Friedrich   LHP   Questionable mechanics; commands a devastating CB; 90-94 FB w/ sink; ok CH   22.7   COL   A+
89   Eric Young Jr.   2B/CF   I liked his D at 2B, but some people don't; awesome speed; largely a slap hitter   24.9   COL   MLB
90   Jemile Weeks   2B   Not a flawless defender at second; hard, aggressive swing may not work for him   23.2   OAK   AA
91   Chris Marrero   1B   Promoted to AA after over 1,000 A+ PA; solid skill set and young for high minors   21.8   WAS   AA
92   Reese Havens   2B/SS   Began shift to 2B at AFL; patient fly-ball hitter will make outs but solid power   23.5   NYM   A+
93   Jose Tabata   RF/CF   Elite contact/line-drive hitter; impatient & lacks power; may be older than listed   21.6   PIT   AAA
94   Michael Brantley   CF   Elite contact hitter with great speed and solid patience; power is very limited   22.9   CLE   MLB
95   Kellen Kulbacki   RF   Was derailed by injuries in '09 but his bat has too much potential to overlook   24.4   SD   AA
96   Junichi Tazawa   RHP   Deceptive; huge 12/6 CB, good FB movement a forkball/splitter; elite command 23.8   BOS   MLB
97   Zach Wheeler   RHP   Power pitcher, mid-90's FB w/ great sink, shows big time CB, advanced control   19.9   SF   n/a
98   Austin Jackson   CF/LF   Very good athlete; lacks polish at the plate; chance to turn into an avg regular   23.2   DET   MLB
99   Zeke Spruill   RHP   Gets nasty sink with 91-92 FB; CH may already be a plus pitch; CB can be solid   20.6   ATL   A
100   Jenrry Mejia   RHP   Filthy 94-98 FB w/ hard, cutting action; CH has excellent movement; may be a RP    20.5   NYM   AA
* Ages are as of 4/1/10; Lvl is the highest the player has reached; Our rankings put a lot of weight into floor as well as ceiling        
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