Top 5 Corner Outfield Prospects

October 18, 2010

C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / OF / CF / P

Rk. Name Notes Age Lvl Team Pos Pos 2 Grade
1 Bryce Harper Set to make his debut this week in the AFL 18.0 n/a WAS RF C A
2 Domonic Brown Struggled in bigs but had 1st 20+ HR season 23.1 MLB PHI RF n/a B+
3 Nick Weglarz Patient hitter with a big, powerful frame 22.8 AAA CLE LF RF B
4 Fernando Martinez Still young enough to bust out eventually 22.0 MLB NYM RF LF B
5 Jaff Decker Finished injury-laden year with 8 HR August 20.7 A+ SD LF n/a B-
HM: T. Frazier, C. Hunter, B. Jackson, A. Luna, T. Neal, J. Sale, M. Taylor and E. Thames.      
* Ages are as of 10/18/10            
** Lvl is the highest the player has reached            
*** Our rankings put a lot of weight into floor as well as ceiling            
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Consider this list a rough draft for our off-season rankings. Our prospect analysts are going to do a lot more research on all of these guys this off-season -- and hopefully see some of them play again.


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