2011 DPG now on sale

December 13, 2010

We're excited to announce the details of our second annual Digital Prospect Guide. It's going to blow you away. If you're already ready to order, you can do so through the PayPal cart below:

2011 Digital Prospect Guide Type


DPG Reviews

"It's really cool stuff." - Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com/MiLB.com

"If you’re interested in tracking prospects around baseball, be sure to check out the Digital Prospect Guide. It's outstanding." - Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog.com

"It's a great concept that will inevitably be imitated by others." - Jesse Burkhart (prospect fan)

"A must-have for prospect enthusiasts." - Pat Andriola of The Hardball Times

"The DPG is an outstanding idea and turned out extremely well from what I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scout or stat head that loves the minors, the DPG is a valuable reference for the 2010 season an beyond." - Zach Sanders of Baseball Digest Daily

"The detailed information provided for each prospect is vastly more informative than what is provided by the other guys. Stuff like comparing the mechanics of Jason Heyward's swing to the mechanics of Shane Victorino's swing, or the direct source info from Ackley that he expects to stay in the OF...you just don't see this type of info from the other prospect sources. I also like that they take some "strong" stances -- like the doubts on Strasburg's mechanics." - Joel Brandhorst (prospect fan)

Free Sample

Email adamf@projectprospect.com for a free sample of the 2011 Digital Prospect Guide.

Product Details

This year's Digital Prospect Guide will feature 100 prospects. Thirty prospects were chosen as the game's truly elite and given more write-up space and longer videos than the other 70. Videos for top 30 prospects are approximately one minute, with write-ups ranging from 225 to 400 words. Videos for prospects in the 31-100 range are approximately 30 seconds, with write-ups ranging from 90 to 150 words.

The full guide was released in February of 2011. The DPG top 30 will be released today.

Most of the videos were taken by Adam Foster and the Project Prospect team. Other skilled videographers provided clips of players that we were unable to see in person. We have video of all of our top 30 prospects and should have footage of 90-percent of our top 100 prospects. We strive to provide the highest quality prospect videos possible. The Julio Teheran video above is a sample of what you'll get in the 2011 Digital Prospect Guide.

An independent source of baseball prospect scouting info, Project Prospect has provided some of the most detailed prospect scouting info you'll ever find available to the public. Adam Foster, Lincoln Hamilton and Steve Carter, along with help from dozens of trusted scouting sources, have seen every player who will be in this year's guide in person. Write-ups combine as many scout takes on a prospect as we could get. Info from some player write-ups came from as many as a half dozen scouts.


Please email Adam at adamf@projectprospect.com for additional information.