2011 Top 100 Prospect List

by Project Prospect
February 7, 2011
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Rk   Player   Pos   Age   Org   Lvl Ceiling   Floor   Risk
1   Bryce Harper (eBay)   RF   18.6   WAS   n/a A   C   High
2   Mike Trout (eBay)   CF   19.7   LAA   A+ A-   B-   Moderate
3   Jesus Montero (eBay)   DH/C   21.4   NYY   AAA A-   C+/C   Moderate
4   Dustin Ackley (eBay)   2B   23.2   SEA   AAA B   C+/C   Low
5   Eric Hosmer (eBay)   1B   21.4   KC   AA B+   C+/C   Moderate
6   Wil Myers (eBay)   RF   20.4   KC   A+ B+   C+/C   Moderate
7   Brandon Belt (eBay)   1B   23.0   SF   AAA B+   C+/C   Moderate
8   Domonic Brown (eBay)   RF   23.7   PHI   MLB B+   C-   Moderate
9   Shelby Miller (eBay)   RHP   20.6   STL   A A-   C+/C   Moderate
10   Wilin Rosario (eBay)   C   22.2   COL   AA B+   D   High
11   Jarrod Parker (eBay)   RHP   22.4   ARI   AA A-   D   Very high
12   Freddie Freeman (eBay)   1B   21.6   ATL   MLB B   C+/C   Low
13   Jameson Taillon (eBay)   RHP   19.5   PIT   n/a A-   D   Very high
14   Matt Moore (eBay)   LHP   21.9   TB   A+ B+   C-   Moderate
15   Yonder Alonso (eBay)   1B   24.1   CIN   MLB B-   C+/C   Very low
16   Mike Moustakas (eBay)   3B   22.7   KC   AAA B   C-   Moderate
17   Desmond Jennings (eBay)   CF   24.5   TB   MLB B-   C-   Low
18   Zach Britton (eBay)   LHP   23.4   BAL   AAA B+   D   High
19   Jeremy Hellickson (eBay)   RHP   24.1   TB   MLB B+   D   High
20   John Lamb (eBay)   LHP   20.8   KC   AA B+   C-   Moderate
21   Randall Delgado (eBay)   RHP   21.2   ATL   AA B   C-   Moderate
22   Julio Teheran (eBay)   RHP   20.3   ATL   AA B+   D   High
23   Aroldis Chapman (eBay)   LHP   23.2   CIN   MLB A-   D+   High
24   Devin Mesoraco (eBay)   C   22.9   CIN   AAA B   D+   Moderate
25   Lonnie Chisenhall (eBay)   3B   22.6   CLE   AA B-   C-   Low
26   Jaff Decker (eBay)   LF   21.2   SD   A+ B-   C-   Low
27   Manny Machado (eBay)   SS   18.8   BAL   SS B+   D+   High
28   Jason Kipnis (eBay)   2B   24.1   CLE   AA B-   C-   Low
29   Jose Iglesias (eBay)   SS   21.3   BOS   AA B-   C-   Low
30   Mike Minor (eBay)   LHP   23.4   ATL   MLB B-   D+   Moderate
31   Martin Perez (eBay)   LHP   20.1   TEX   AA B+   D   High
32   Nick Castellanos (eBay)   3B   19.2   DET   R B   D+   Moderate
33   Nick Weglarz (eBay)   LF   23.4   CLE   AAA B-   C-   Low
34   Manny Banuelos (eBay)   LHP   20.2   NYY   AA B   D   High
35   Kyle Drabek (eBay)   RHP   23.4   TOR   MLB B   D   High
36   Casey Kelly (eBay)   RHP   21.6   SD   AA B-   D+   Moderate
37   Jonathan Singleton (eBay)   1B   19.6   PHI   A B   D+   Moderate
38   Anthony Rizzo (eBay)   1B   21.7   SD   AA B   D+   Moderate
39   Jordan Lyles (eBay)   RHP   20.5   HOU   AAA B-   D+   Moderate
40   Simon Castro (eBay)   RHP   23.1   SD   AAA B   D   High
41   Travis d'Arnaud (eBay)   C   22.2   TOR   A+ B-   C-   Low
42   Reese Havens (eBay)   2B   24.5   NYM   AA B   D+   Moderate
43   Aaron Hicks (eBay)   CF   21.6   MIN   A B   D   High
44   Nick Franklin (eBay)   2B   20.2   SEA   AA B-   D+   Moderate
45   Zack Wheeler (eBay)   RHP   20.9   SF   A B+   D   High
46   Alex White (eBay)   RHP   22.7   CLE   AA B-   D+   Moderate
47   Zach Lee (eBay)   RHP   19.6   LAD   n/a B+   D-   Very high
48   Matt Harvey (eBay)   RHP   22.1   NYM   n/a B-   D+   Moderate
49   Tony Sanchez (eBay)   C   23.0   PIT   A+ C+/C   C-   Very low
50   Derek Norris (eBay)   C   22.2   WAS   A+ B-   D+   Moderate
51   Jurickson Profar (eBay)   SS   18.2   TEX   SS B-   D+   Moderate
52   Adeiny Hechevarria (eBay)   SS   22.1   TOR   AA B   D   High
53   Fernando Martinez (eBay)   RF   22.6   NYM   MLB B-   D   Moderate
54   Mike Montgomery (eBay)   LHP   21.8   KC   AA B-   D   Moderate
55   Jacob Turner (eBay)   RHP   20.0   DET   A+ B   D   High
56   Michael Pineda (eBay)   RHP   22.3   SEA   AAA B+   D-   Very high
57   Brent Morel (eBay)   3B   24.0   CHW   MLB C+/C   D+   Low
58   Yasmani Grandal (eBay)   C   22.5   CIN   R B-   D+   Moderate
59   Brett Jackson (eBay)   CF   22.8   CHC   AA C+/C   C-   Very low
60   Bobby Borchering (eBay)   3B   20.5   ARI   A B   D   High
61   Kyle Gibson (eBay)   RHP   23.5   MIN   AAA B   D-   High
62   James Darnell (eBay)   3B   24.3   SD   AA C+/C   C-   Very low
63   Drew Cumberland (eBay)   SS   22.3   SD   AA B-   D+   Moderate
64   Tyler Matzek (eBay)   LHP   20.5   COL   A B+   D-   Very high
65   Alexi Amarista (eBay)   2B   22.1   LAA   AAA C+/C   D+   Low
66   Jean Segura (eBay)   2B   21.1   LAA   A B-   D   Moderate
67   Matt Dominguez (eBay)   3B   21.7   FLA   AA C+/C   D+   Low
68   Tanner Scheppers (eBay)   RHP   24.3   TEX   AAA B-   D   Moderate
69   Josh Sale (eBay)   OF   19.8   TB   n/a B   D   High
70   Tyler Skaggs (eBay)   LHP   19.8   ARI   A B-   D+   Moderate
71   Jake Odorizzi (eBay)   RHP   21.1   KC   A B-   D+   Moderate
72   Anthony Ranaudo (eBay)   RHP   21.7   BOS   n/a B-   D   Moderate
73   Gary Sanchez (eBay)   C   18.4   NYY   SS B   D   High
74   Hank Conger (eBay)   C   23.3   MLB   AAA C+/C   D+   Low
75   Chris Sale (eBay)   LHP   22.2   CHW   MLB B   D-   High
76   Danny Espinosa (eBay)   SS   24.0   WAS   MLB C+/C   D+   Low
77   Dayan Viciedo (eBay)   1B   22.2   CHW   MLB B-   D   Moderate
78   Christian Colon (eBay)   SS   22.0   KC   A+ C+/C   D+   Low
79   Josh Spence (eBay)   LHP   23.3   SD   n/a C+/C   D+   Low
80   Craig Kimbrel (eBay)   RHP   22.9   ATL   MLB C+/C   D   Moderate
81   Adrian Salcedo (eBay)   RHP   20.0   MIN   A+ B   D-   High
82   Hector Gomez (eBay)   SS   20.5   COL   AA B-   D-   High
83   Jenrry Mejia (eBay)   RHP   21.6   NYM   MLB C+/C   D   Moderate
84   Hak-Ju Lee (eBay)   SS   21.1   TB   A C+/C   D   Moderate
85   Austin Romine (eBay)   C   22.5   NYY   AA C+/C   D+   Low
86   Chris Carter (eBay)   1B   24.4   OAK   MLB C+/C   D   Moderate
87   Sammy Solis (eBay)   LHP   22.7   WAS   A B-   D-   High
88   Blake Tekotte (eBay)   CF   24.0   SD   AA C+/C   D+   Low
89   Tyler Pastornicky (eBay)   SS   21.4   ATL   AA C+/C   D+   Low
90   Johnny Giavotella (eBay)   2B   23.2   KC   AA C+/C   D   Moderate
91   Tyler Chatwood (eBay)   RHP   21.4   LAA   AAA B-   D   Moderate
92   Steve Lombardozzi (eBay)   2B   22.6   WAS   AA C+/C   D+   Low
93   Charlie Blackmon (eBay)   CF   24.9   COL   AA C-   D+   Very low
94   Brad Emaus (eBay)   3B   25.1   NYM   AAA C-   D+   Very low
95   Yamaico Navarro (eBay)   3B   23.5   BOS   MLB C-   D+   Very low
96   David Adams (eBay)   2B   24.0   NYY   AA C-   D+   Very low
97   Anthony Gose (eBay)   CF   20.7   TOR   A+ C+/C   D+   Low
98   Miguel Sano (eBay)   3B   18.0   MIN   R B-   D-   High
99   Drew Pomeranz (eBay)   LHP   22.5   CLE   n/a C+/C   D-   Moderate
100   Wilmer Flores (eBay)   SS   19.8   NYM   A+ C+/C   D+   Moderate
* Ages are as of 2/7/11                          
** Lvl is the highest the player has reached                  
*** We put a lot of value into floor as well as ceiling          
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Outcome Grade Value
Hall-of-Fame A+ 10
Superstar A 9
Annual all-star A- 8
All-star B+ 7
Well-above-average regular B 6
Slightly-above-average regular B- 5
Average regular C+/C 4
Below-average regular C- 3
Bench player or reliever D+ 2
Bench player or reliever (short career) D 1
Minor league depth or injury ruins career D-/F 0

Editor's Note: We gave each player ceiling and floor grades to establish a range of expected outcomes. There will be people who put higher ceilings on many of these guys; we tend to be conservative with our projections. Our intent was to provide readers with insight to why we ranked players where we did. We'd rather project reasonable ceilings than tab a bunch of young guys with sky's-the-limit upside that they'll likely never live up to. And while we wish we could predict every player's ceiling, factors that influence what type of player a guy will ultimately become can change. A prospect can fill out and see a uptick in power or velocity. Or he can get hurt or lose interest in playing the game.

Detailed reasoning on expected outcomes for every player in our top 100 can be found in our Digital Prospect Guide. Questions about this list can be directed toward @AdamWFoster on Twitter or emailed to adamf@projectprospect.com.