Austin Romine and Tony Sanchez Scouting Reports

June 18, 2011
Austin Romine

Editor's Note: The reports below are from an anonymous scout who has seen both Austin Romine and Tony Sanchez multiple times this season.


Romine has flashed good power for a catcher and shown he can handle the lumber. He projects as a slightly above-average hitting catcher with 15-20 home run potential with the ability to hit to all fields. At times he can struggle with the off-speed pitch, as he tends to swing freely at the slower stuff, which is why pitchers have given him steady doses of breaking stuff early and often in counts. He's a quick learner, which allows him to adjust his next at-bat or even later in the same at-bat -- very impressive to see that from a 22-year-old.

His skills behind the plate are slightly behind his hitting ability, though. At 6-foot-0, 220 pounds, he's the size of a prototypical catcher, he handles the ball in the dirt well and his arm grades out as average. His potential to handle a big league staff is questionable at the moment. Romine definitely needs some refining with his receiving skills. More importantly, he'll need to improve his game-calling skills. That will come as he catches more innings and handles more experienced pitchers in the upper minors.

Romine is a couple years away and there may not be room for him on the Yankees, but he's a young catching prospect who shouldn't be forgotten. He will eventually give an organization reason to promote him to the major league level and compete for an everyday job.


Sanchez has shown flashes of major league tools this year but other times he has failed to be the standout prospect the Pirate thought they selected in the first round two years ago. Coming out of Boston College, Sanchez graded out as a solid-average power, but he has yet to show any flash of that in pro ball. His swing doesn't generate much power and he has struggled to lay off the breaking ball at times. He'll also chase first pitch more often than not, breaking ball or fastball. More patience at the plate will allow Sanchez to get his pitch to drive, something he has yet to prove he can do that consistently this year. He has the potential to be an above-average hitting catcher average-wise, but I don't think he will develop into more than 10 home run a year hitter at the MLB level.

Behind the dish Sanchez does possess the tools to be a slightly above-average MLB defender. He handles the fastball well and has quick feet, which makes him a wall behind the plate. He has the ability to handle to big league pitching staff. Compared to the past, Sanchez looks to have a hitch in his delivery to second, back to the pitcher and throwing to third base after a strikeout. It's almost a double clutch. I have seen him sail multiple balls into the outfield and almost shot put the ball back to the pitcher. Its getting progressively better but still an area of concern. It’s nothing like the Saltalamacchia yips case but seeing that hitch in his delivery puts up a tiny red flag.

Overall, Sanchez grades out as an average MLB catching prospect. He will not wow you.


Anonymous Scout