Top 25 Low-A Position Prospects

October 12, 2011
@AdamWFoster's 2011 Offseason Prospect Rankings
Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org
1   Jurickson Profar (eBay)   SS   Up-the-middle defender who does just about everything well   18.4   TEX
2   Bryce Harper (eBay)   RF   Two more months in Low-A and he'd almost certainly be No. 1   18.7   WAS
3   Xander Bogaerts (eBay)   SS   Likely big leaguer but he may not have the speed for shortstop   18.7   BOS
4   Ronald Torreyes (eBay)   2B   Outstanding line-drive hitter but upside is limited; rarely Ks   18.8   CIN
5   Cheslor Cuthbert (eBay)   3B   Solid debut for teenage Nicaraguan who signed for over $1 Mil   18.6   KC
6   Jonathan Schoop (eBay)   2B   Stayed afloat in A+ after being challenged with a June promo   19.7   BAL
7   Sean Coyle (eBay)   2B   K-rate climbed steadily and warrants watching going forward   19.5   BOS
8   Jiovanni Mier (eBay)   SS   Low-A repeater had success here but hit a wall upon A+ promo   20.8   HOU
9   Gary Sanchez (eBay)   C   Big boy, big power, big swing; a high-risk, high-reward talent   18.6   NYY
10   Ronny Rodriguez (eBay)   SS   Good power upside for a guy playing SS; doesn't draw walks   19.2   CLE
11   Oscar Taveras (eBay)   RF   Somehow managed to put together a .448 BABIP over 347 PA   19.0   STL
12   Kolten Wong (eBay)   2B   22nd overall pick from the 2011 draft hit the ground running   20.7   STL
13   Teodoro Martinez (eBay)   CF   Good contact hitter who has both speed and youth on his side   19.3   TEX
14   Christian Vazquez (eBay)   C   Catcher who had big power numbers; oldest player on this list   20.9   BOS
15   J.R. Murphy (eBay)   C   More solid than spectacular; value takes a hit if he can't catch   20.1   NYY
16   Tomas Telis (eBay)   C   Doesn't walk or strike out but could hit enough for a catcher   20.0   TEX
17   Miles Head (eBay)   1B   Dominant start earned him A+ promo, where he slowed down   20.2   BOS
18   Michael Crouse (eBay)   RF   Lots of upside but lots of strikeouts; appears raw for his age   20.6   TOR
19   Markus Brisker (eBay)   RF   Also has problems making contact, but he can draw a walk   20.9   TOR
20   Yorman Rodriguez (eBay)   RF   Hand injury cut his season short; struck out a lot when healthy   18.9   CIN
21   Christian Bethancourt (eBay)   C   Good upside; cannon of an arm; doesn't draw walks, though   19.8   ATL
22   Cristhian Adames (eBay)   SS   No standout numbers but solid all-around full-season debut   19.9   COL
23   Ramon Flores (eBay)   LF   Successful full-season; numbers don't show a major weakness   19.3   NYY
24   Jonathan Garcia (eBay)   RF   Ks a lot and was streaky, but he definitely has some power   19.6   LAD
25   Tucker Barnhart (eBay)   C   Makes contact and draws walks; on this list because he's a C   20.5   CIN
HM:   Nick Castellanos (DET), Noah Perio (FLA), Jacob Marisnick (TOR) and Edward Salcedo (ATL)        
* Ages are as of July 1, 2011                
** Minimum 200 plate appearances        

Warning: These rankings were created without utilizing scouting information. The list was assembled as a conversation starter/watch list by way of a relatively simple, objective prospect finding system. After weighing in scouting information, our rankings of players will change.

Methodology: Only players who were a deviation below level-average age were considered for the list above. The average Low-A age in 2011 was approximately 22, with a standard deviation of approximately 2. Players were ranked based simply on deviations from level-average age, strikeout percentage, walk percentage and isolated power. The position that the player primarily played for the final two months of the season was also factored into the rankings.