Scouting Training Sessions Available

April 3, 2012

I recently posted some Tweets about assisting people with learning to scout. This post is to provide clarification and elaborate on that topic.


I've detailed my scouting story/background here. I offer scouting training with the following qualifiers:

1. I don't know everything and I'm not a professional scout.

2. I'm patient and enjoy passing on knowledge -- I was English and Science tutor in college.

3. My current experience (6 years around the game) lends itself toward introducing people to scouting.

4. Nothing gives me more satisfaction in baseball than helping people further enjoy the game.

The Deal

You pick a college or minor league game that you want to attend. We take in batting practice and the game together, discussing scouting the whole time (typically 4-5 hours).

You'll get to use my radar gun, and I'll provide you with all video and notes that I take at the game.

What to Expect

If you've never had any exposure to scouting, you'll finish the day with a rough idea of what scouts look for in players. You'll have some familiarity with identifying and distinguishing pitches. You'll get an introduction to what to look for in hitters.

More importantly, you'll have answers to every scouting question that you can think of, and a lesson in scouting tailored to your interests and experience level. If I don't have a good answer for any question, I'll get you one from someone with the experience to answer it.

If you already have some scouting experience, you'll get to watch a game with someone who can give you feedback on your approach.


I'm based out of Northern California. I also spend 2-3 weeks a year in Arizona for the Arizona Fall League and Minor League Spring Training. San Jose, Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto are the closest minor league ball venues to me. Cal, St. Mary's, USF, UC Davis, Sac State and Stanford are the closest college teams to me.

Please email me at for potential dates, locations and pricing.