Kolten Wong Scouting Report

April 25, 2012
Kolten Wong

Editor's Note: Entering the 2011 draft, Wong was generally viewed as a high-floor-low-ceiling player who could move quickly. He's opened his first full season in Double-A, where he is making the most of Springfield's hitter-friendly confines.


Wong doesn't have a lot of remaining physical projection. His strong, compact build (listed at 5’9”, 190 pounds) doesn't have much room for added strength. Furthermore, he may have a difficult time preventing weight gain as he ages, which could diminish his quickness and athleticism.


Wong’s biggest asset is his smooth left-handed swing, which is quick and compact. His muscle density and strong wrists allow him to drive the ball with surprising authority. His line drive swing plane isn't particularly suited for hitting a large number of home runs, but he does have enough power to consistently drive the ball for extra bases. Wong has also shown an ability to adjust and lengthen his swing on mistake pitches, creating bat speed and loft to pull balls down the line with moderate home run power.

His quick hands and direct hand path make him a very tough out with two strikes. He's able to extend at-bats by fouling off borderline pitches. As a result, Wong should post high walk rates throughout his career, while his speed (more quick than fast) combined with the fact that he hits from the left side, will allow him to leg out infield singles. He can also bunt for hits.

Wong's high leg kick trigger may make it difficult for him to time pitches and pick up the spin of the ball out of the pitcher’s hand. As he advances to higher levels, this tendency could slow him down, but he's still a polished hitter overall.


Wong's range is average, thanks to good first-step quickness and an aggressive approach to the game. He'll run down some balls that other fielders would give up on immediately. His arm strength is average, which cements his spot at second base. It also limits his ability to turn the double play. He tends to rush throws and a his high-effort actions don't always leave him in a good position to field the ball. While there are a few tweaks he can make to improve, Wong projects to be a mediocre defensive second baseman.


With upside as a fringe all-star, Wong could be a No. 2 hitter with good on-base skills. He's a pretty good bet to have a solid career as an offensive-minded second baseman.