Our Declaration on Clint Frazier

September 21, 2012

Sometimes, you see a player who makes you stop what you're doing, drop your drink, and start making grunt noises that make Tim Allen proud while any woman within ear shot begins to wonder if you're a constipated neanderthal. The kind of guy this bet on nfl football offseason makes you crave.

This past summer, I found such a player in Loganville, GA outfielder Clint Frazier. While not extremely imposing at a *listed* 6'0'', 190 pounds, Frazier starts to become imposing when you glance at his calf-sized forearms and flowing red locks that should make Bobby Kielty proud. Even though the 2013 Draft is months away and who knows what will happen between now and then -- come at me Mayans -- I have no qualms with posting Frazier number one on my draft board and soft-shoeing out of the room without a second glance.

What specifically about Frazier stands out?

Well beside the aforementioned red lettuce of a haircut (cabbage?), Frazier jumps out by having some outrageous tools and a skill-set and game approach that make him a potential superstar. We're talking a possible 70 arm as well as run tools, plus bat and hand speed, and emerging power that figures to ramp heavily once he learns to fully utilize his lower half.

My favorite part of Frazier's game, beside playing like his hair is aflame (pun slightly intended), is his hand actions at the plate. Frazier has an aggressive trigger, and loads his hands in a manner that only hitters with a ferocious intent to cause harm to baseballs would develop. Frazier's trigger allows a quick ascent into the hitting zone, and his impressive hand strength allow a tremendous release of the bat head into the ball. Often in game action, Frazier will barely utilize his lower half, instead letting his quick hands work.

If you saw the Under Armour All-American Game this summer at Wrigley Field, you may have noticed Frazier bang one off the ivy in right-center. You might have also notice he basically did it with just a snap of his wrists. And it should be noted that I don't feel that Frazier doesn't know how to use his lower half, as he shows good actions downstairs during batting practice. However, I do feel that his hands are just so good, so strong, and so dominant in his swing that he can get away with it and his body happily obliges. This also bodes well for his power projection, as it's already quite good and is basically wrist powered. Get that boy some leverage? Oh my.

A lot can happen between now and the draft. There will be plenty of changes atop many draft boards, and many pop-up guys causing late shifts and plenty of headaches. In the interim, I'm having a hard time seeing anyone bump Frazier from the top of my rankings. That is, unless some hybrid Mike Trout/Ron Howard freak comes out of nowhere and puts on crazy shows at showcases across the nation. I'm sorry, I believe I just described Frazier all over again.

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