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Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 02/26/2016

We take a look back at the major 2010 Top 100 prospect lists to see which list contains the most value.

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 12/07/2014

Which publication's 2010 Top 100 is looking the best?

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 04/14/2013

Project Prospect and Frankie Piliere's 2010 Top 100s continue ahead of the pack.

Battle of the 2008 Top 100s - 11/07/2011

See which publication's 2008 top 100 has led the pack.

Battle of the 2007 Top 100s - 11/05/2011

Adam looks back at 2007s top 100 prospect lists.

Battle of the 2010 Top 100s - 10/31/2011

See how BA, BP, ESPN, AOL and PP's 2010 Top 100s compare to date by WAR values.

Battle of the 2007 Top 100s - 09/06/2010

Project Prospect is neck-and-neck with Baseball America in the Battle of the 2007 Top 100s.

Industry Top 100 Analysis - 03/12/2010

What separates each of the big top 100s in the industry? Here's the most detailed answer you'll find to that question anywhere.

2010's Industry Top 50+ Prospect List - 03/04/2010

Fifty-eight of the same prospects appeared on BA, BP, ESPN, AOL and our Top 100 lists: the "industry's" top prospect list.

Battle of the 2008 top 100s - 10/27/2009

Baseball America's 2008 top 100 is absolutely crushing the rest of the competition's so far.

Battle of the 2007 top 100s - 10/23/2009

Calculation of the competitive net values between BA's, BP's and our 2007 top 100 prospect list.

Industry Top 100 Analysis - 10/22/2009

We've sliced up two years worth of top 100 prospect lists from BA, BP, ESPN Here's what we've discovered.

BA Historical Hitter Rankings Study - 10/13/2009

Dustin Pedroia wasn't ranked in BA's 2007 top 100, the final year in which he entered a season with prospect eligibility.

Revisiting 2008's Loner Instances - 09/10/2009

We revisit prospects who were ranked as top 100 by all but one publication between BA, BP, ESPN, Mound Talk and PP.

Peer Review: Loner Instances - 11/19/2008

I've taken five Top 100s and isolated some key instances. Today I'll explore which prospects were listed on four of those five lists.

Industry Top 100 Analysis - 02/28/2008

Over half players in our top 100 were also in BA, BP, ESPN, and Mound Talk’s. So what really separates these lists?