Top Prospects By Position


Top 10 Pitching Prospects - 11/28/2010

Adam and Lincoln rank the top pitching prospects in baseball.

Top 5 Catching Prospects - 10/31/2010

While Jesus Montero and Wil Myers may not spend much time catching in the big leagues, they'll both hit there.

Top 5 Corner Outfield Prospects - 10/18/2010

The minor league crop of corner outfielders got a healthy boost when Bryce Harper signed and instantly moved off catcher.

Top 5 Center Field Prospects - 10/10/2010

by Adam

Mike Trout has separated himself from the rest of the minor's center fielders.

Top 5 Third Base Prospects - 09/30/2010

Mike Moustakas' monster season landed him the top spot on this list.

Top 5 Shortstop Prospects - 09/19/2010

The current minor league shortstop class is lacking polished prospects, but elite shortstop prospects are always a rarity.

Top 5 Second Base Prospects - 08/29/2010

Second base is deep with talented prospects but only a few really stand out.

Top 10 First Base Prospects - 08/24/2010

Project Prospect ranks baseball's top 10 first base prospects.

Top 15 Catching Prospects - 12/01/2009

There's so much talent behind the plate right now, that we gave 40+ guys strong consideration for this list.

Top 15 Shortstop Prospects - 11/24/2009

by Project Prospect
A lot has changed in the shortstop prospect landscape over the last year. Welcome Iglesias. Sorry Tim Beckham.

Top 15 Centerfield Prospects - 11/16/2009

by Project Prospect
While Desmond Jennings is one of the only high-upside CFs in the upper minors, there are plenty of talented guys on the way.

Top 15 Corner Outfield Prospects - 11/09/2009

Jason Heyward and Mike Stanton could both turn into two of the top corner outfielders in baseball.

Top 15 Third Base Prospects - 11/02/2009

Neither Pedro Alvarez nor Brett Wallace, our top two third base prospects, are great bets to stick at third.

Top 15 Second Base Prospects - 10/26/2009

While Frazier will likely move off of second base, Sizemore and Lawrie could both become solid MLB second basemen.

Top 15 First Base Prospects - 10/18/2009

Even without Pedro Alvarez and Brett Wallace, more than a few future big leaguers are currently playing first base in the minors.

Top 25 Pitching Prospects - 10/01/2009

by Project Prospect
We crunched numbers, watched video and compiled hundreds of games worth of scouting information for this prospect list.