Project Prospect Podcast 62: Arizona Fall League Wrap Up

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The Lineup

@Jared_thatcher (Host)

@AdamWFoster (Project Prospect Founder)

@WesYee (Project Prospect Scout/Writer)

The Show

We answered a few AFL questions from our twitter followers.

Jared asked Adam and Wes about one of his favorite prospects (Junior Lake), and Wes and Adam brought up the AFL player who impressed each of them the most (Nick Franklin and Nolan Arenado).

We then covered a handful of other guys that Adam and Wes were able to see including: Wil Myers, Joe Panik, Anthony Gose vs Aaron Hicks, Mike Trout vs Bryce Harper before going into a quick discussion on the top college talents from the 2011 draft class.

Lastly, Adam gives listeners a sleeper that will likely be in Project Prospect's 2012 Top 100 List.

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