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College Batting Leaders from 2007-2009 - 02/18/2010

Adjusted college offensive statistics from 2007 through 2009.

Scouting Daniel Hudson with PITCHf/x - 09/14/2009

White Sox right-hander Daniel Hudson has thrown 70 pitches in the majors. How does he stack up under the PITCHf/x light?

Scouting Madison Bumgarner's debut with PITCHf/x - 09/08/2009

Highly touted left-handed pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner made his Major League debut on Tuesday night. How'd he do?

Scouting Wade Davis' debut with PITCHf/x - 09/07/2009

Analysis of Wade Davis' Major League debut against the Detroit Tigers.

Scouting Carrasco's debut with PITCHf/x - 09/01/2009

Analysis of Carlos Carrasco's Major League debut against the Detroit Tigers

Scouting Jake Arrieta with PITCHf/x - 08/13/2009

Analysis of Jake Arrieta's August 8th start at the Futures at Fenway game in front of the PITCHf/x camera system.

San Diego Padres Top 5 - 04/18/2009

The Padres have one of the top groups of hitting prospects in baseball, though many of these hitters aren't high-upside guys.

Ike Davis vs. Dennis Raben - 02/19/2009

Which 2008 collegiate draft pick is a better bet to succeed in the big leagues: Ike Davis or Dennis Raben?

Detroit Tigers Top 5 - 12/22/2007

Rick Porcello leads the way for a system in rebuilding after dealing for Cabrera, Willis, and Renteria this offseason.