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2014 MLB Draft- Alex Jackson Hitter Profile - 02/20/2014

Steve Carter breaks down Alex Jackson as a hitter and his ultimate potential at the plate.

2014 MLB Draft- Jacob Gatewood Hitter Profile - 02/04/2014

Steve Carter breaks down Jacob Gatewood as a hitter and his ultimate potential at the plate.

2014 MLB Draft- Michael Gettys Hitter Profile - 01/25/2014

Steve Carter takes a look at possible 2014 1st Round pick Michael Gettys as a hitter profile

2013 Draft Board [UPDATED] - 05/25/2013

The 2013 Major League Baseball Rule IV Draft is fast approaching. Take a look at the best available prospects. Draft. Draft. DRAFT!!!

Our Declaration on Clint Frazier - 09/21/2012

Steve Carter offers thoughts on his way-too-early 2013 MLB Draft No. 1 prep player

Midseason Top 50 Prospects Chat - 09/09/2012

Wes Yee, Lincoln Hamilton and Steve Carter break down the Midseason Top 50.

2012 Midseason Top 50 Prospect List - 08/10/2012

Our 2012 Midseason Top 50 Prospects List is out!


2012 Draft Scouting: Appel, Gallo, Williams, Trahan - 04/06/2012

@LHamiltonPP and @SteveCarterPP profile Appel, Gallo, Trey Williams and Stryker Trahan.

25 Top Prospect Endorsements - 02/02/2012

@SteveCarterPP's list of 25 of his personal favorite prospects.

2012 MLB Draft Top Prospects - 08/31/2011

Here's a quick, way-to-early look at some of the prospects currently atop our 2012 Draft board. 

Brett Jackson and Ryan Flaherty Game Report - 08/10/2011

Steve Carter recently scouted Brett Jackson and Ryan Flaherty, two of the Cubs top prospects.

Futures Game Chat - 07/10/2011

Join us for the MLB Futures Game chatting about all the top prospects the game has to offer. 

2011 MLB Draft: Top High School Hitters - 06/03/2011

Steve Carter gives his thoughts on 10 of the top high school bats available in the 2011 MLB Draft.

Blake Tekotte vs. Donavan Tate - 02/03/2011

Steve Carter compares a relative unknown and a former bonus baby in battle of San Diego Padres center field prospects.

Anthony Rendon Scouting Report: Part II - 07/23/2010

Steve Carter goes further in depth on Anthony Rendon's swing in Part II of his scouting report.

Anthony Rendon Scouting Report: Part I - 07/15/2010

Steve Carter breaks down Anthony Rendon's swing, and finds an interesting comparable.

Michael Choice Scouting Report - 06/04/2010

We look at Choice from both a statistical and mechanical perspective, trying to get an idea of his overall draft prospects.

Our hesitation with Zack Cox - 06/03/2010

The guys discuss why they think Zack Cox is too much of a gamble as a top 10 overall pick.

Revisiting the 2005 Draft Part II - 05/13/2010

Steve Carter examines why Jeff Clement has yet to live up to his potential.

Revisiting the 2005 Draft Part I - 05/04/2010

Steve Carter examines why Alex Gordon has yet to live up to his potential.