2011 Digital Prospect Guide Released

February 21, 2011

We're proud to announce the release of our 2011 Digital Prospect Guide (DPG), a revolutionary sports document. Order with the PayPal cart below.


Thanks for your support. We're in this to make info available to all fans.

Why Buy?

  • 100% of the money generated by the DPG will be put toward advancing baseball knowledge
  • Our prospect videos are among the best you'll find anywhere
  • We see most of the top prospects in baseball and have discussed every prospect in this guide in detail with pro scouts

Product Details

The Digital Prospect Guide is jam packed with professional quality scouting videos. Of the 100 prospects in the guide, we have video of 90 of them. Most of the videos were shot from right behind home plate or looking right at a hitter's belt buckle. We pride ourselves on taking the highest quality prospect videos out there. Because the videos are embedded into the document, once downloaded, the entire guide can be viewed offline.

Along with our videos, we have consulted dozens of scouts and taken detailed notes on the guys we've seen. Our staff has seen about 95% of the players in the Digital Prospect Guide live. We aim to write the most detailed scouting reports available to the public.

The first section of the guide (pages 1-15) includes videos and write-ups on our top 30 prospects. Alphabetized, these players have longer videos and write-ups than our 31-100 range prospects (1 minute videos instead of 30 second and approximately one-half page write-ups instead of one-third page). You can find a list of our top 100 prospect here.

Sample Materials

Below is a screenshot of the first page of the Digital Prospect Guide. Created by a sports media professional, the DPG has a clean and easy-to-use design. It's a PDF with flash videos embedded. You'll need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to view the videos. Videos are viewable with playback controls that are similar to the ones you use on YouTube.

DPG Preview

And lastly, here's one of the DPG videos. It's four innings worth of Julio Teheran condensed into approximately one minute and 20 seconds. I shot this video from right behind the plate last spring at Braves minor league camp. Many of the other pitcher videos in the guide are of similar quality.


"It's really cool stuff." - Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com

"If you’re interested in tracking prospects around baseball, be sure to check out the Digital Prospect Guide. It's outstanding." - Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog.com

"A must-have for prospect enthusiasts." - Pat Andriola of The Hardball Times

"The DPG is an outstanding idea and turned out extremely well from what I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scout or stat head that loves the minors, the DPG is a valuable reference for the 2010 season an beyond." - Zach Sanders of Baseball Digest Daily

"It's a great concept that will inevitably be imitated by others." - Jesse Burkhart

"The detailed information provided for each prospect is vastly more informative than what is provided by the other guys. Stuff like comparing the mechanics of Jason Heyward's swing to the mechanics of Shane Victorino's swing, or the direct source info from Ackley that he expects to stay in the OF...you just don't see this type of info from the other prospect sources. I also like that they take some "strong" stances -- like the doubts on Strasburg's mechanics." - Joel Brandhorst


If you have any questions about the Digital Prospect Guide, please hit me up on Twitter @AdamWFoster or shoot me an email adamf@projectprospect.com. I'd be happy to email you a sample page from this year's guide.