Top 10 Rookie Ball Position Prospects

October 25, 2011
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@AdamWFoster's 2011 Offseason Prospect Rankings
Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org
1   Miguel Sano (eBay)   3B   Massive power upside but his strikeout rate is surely a red flag   18.1   MIN
2   Robel Garcia (eBay)   3B   Struck out a lot; on this list because of his impressive power   18.3   CLE
3   Eddie Rosario (eBay)   CF   Oldest player on this list; reduced Ks drastically as year went on   19.8   MIN
4   Trevor Story (eBay)   SS   Solid all-around hitter; split time between shortstop and third   18.6   COL
5   Jake Hager (eBay)   SS   On this list because he's a young SS who makes regular contact   18.3   TB
6   Jorge Bonifacio (eBay)   RF   Showed power & improvement; among the youngest on this list   18.1   KC
7   Joc Pederson (eBay)   LF   Had monster months in July/August as a power and speed threat 19.2   LAD
8   Michael Antonio (eBay)   SS   Good contact hitter with pop who spent all season at shortstop   19.7   KC
9   Brandon Drury (eBay)   3B   Doesn't walk and power has been more gap than HR power   18.9   ATL
10   Marco Hernandez (eBay)   2B   Started showing signs of power as year went on; makes contact   18.8   CHC
Best of the Rest
    Martin Peguero (eBay)   SS   Youngster showed limited power and had trouble reaching base   17.7   SEA
    Duanel Jones (eBay)   3B   Strikeout rate is a concern; spiked even further in brief SS trial   18.1   SD
    Jorge Martinez (eBay)   SS   Had a solid season at the plate; on this list because he's a SS   18.3   CLE
    Jose Osuna (eBay)   1B   Made this list because of his contact skills; has a bit of power   18.5   PIT
    Dalton Pompey (eBay)   CF   Showed improvement from 2010 on his way to a solid season   18.6   TOR
    Yoan Alcantara (eBay)   RF   Ranks low because he doesn't walk; power/contact promising   18.6   SD
    Alen Hanson (eBay)   SS   Split time between SS/2B; hit 2 HR in 1st 8 games, 0 in next 47   18.7   PIT
    Dante Bichette (eBay)   3B   Good debut at the plate for 51st overall pick of the 2011 Draft   18.8   NYY
    Roderick Bernadina (eBay)   RF   Makes regular contact, has patience and showed decent power   18.9   BAL
    Ryan Brett (eBay)   2B   Speedster walked more than he struck out and had some power   19.7   TB
* Ages are as of July 1, 2011            
** Minimum 150 plate appearances        

Warning: These rankings were created without utilizing scouting information. The list was assembled as a conversation starter/watch list by way of a relatively simple, objective prospect finding system. After weighing in scouting information, our rankings of players will change.

Methodology: Only players who were a deviation below level-average age were considered for the list above. The average Rookie Ball age in 2011 ranged by league from approximately 20 to 21, with standard deviation ranging from approximately 1 to 2. Players were ranked based simply on deviations from level-average age, strikeout percentage, walk percentage and isolated power. The position that the player primarily played for the final two months of the season was also factored into the rankings.