Battle of the 2008 Top 100s

November 7, 2011
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Battle of the 2010 Top 100s
Rk   Publisher   aWAR   Comments   Primary Voice(s)
1   Baseball America   458.2   Nailed sleepers in Stubbs & Blackburn; Cahill was only big omission   Callis, Lingo, Manuel
2   Baseball Prospectus   442.7   Conservative list with Revere as its best sleeper and no big omissions Kevin Goldstein
3   Project Prospect   416.3   Had Jesus Montero & Bumgarner as sleepers; big miss in Scherzer   Adam Foster
4   ESPN   401.8   Omissions have detracted more value than he gained with sleepers   Keith Law
* aWAR is an adjusted WAR value (see methodology below for more info)    
Methodology: Each list was given weighted WAR values based on how high or low it ranked players (starting at 150% for
its No. 1 prospect and dropping to 51% for its No. 100. Players who appeared on only one list gained an added 50% WAR
multiplier. Players who appeared on every list but one had their value (with an added 50% WAR multiplier) subtracted 
from that list's total value. Email for a copy of my spreadsheet with the data used.
Most Valuable Sleeper Picks to Date
Rk   Player   WAR   Comments   Ranked soley by
1 Tommy Hanson   8.7   Community college late-rounder had big pro debut; not a ton of hype   ESPN
2   Drew Stubbs   8.0   High strikeouts in Low-A weren't a good sign for toolsy college player   Baseball America
3 Madison Bumgarner   7.3   We scouting him in HS & loved what we saw; didn't have a SL then   Project Prospect
4   Nick Blackburn   6.6   Low walk/strikeout upper minors SP who fooled big leaguers for 2 yrs. Baseball America
5 Matt Harrison   5.5   Was the same pitcher (numbers-wise) in AA as he's been in the bigs   Project Prospect
6   Jeff Niemann   5.3   Had health problems & was getting a little old for the minors by 2007   Baseball America
7 Jordan Zimmermann   4.9   2nd rounder from D-III tore up short-season in 2007; not a ton of hype   ESPN
8   Felipe Paulino   4.1   Hard-thrower reached the bigs in in '07 on the heels of good AA year   ESPN
9 Brett Cecil   3.4   2007's 38th overall pick (University of Maryland); owned short-season   ESPN
10   Aaron Laffey   3.3   Elite GB% & low K% in '07; had a good '09; hasn't done much since   Project Prospect
Biggest Omissions to Date
Rk   Player   WAR   Comments   Omitted soley by
1 Max Scherzer   10.9   11th overall pick ('06, Missouri) was awesome in A+ & good in AA   Project Prospect
2   Jair Jurrjens   10.5   Very good in AA as 21-yr-old; reached bigs in '07 & K'd only 10.7%   ESPN
3 Brett Anderson   7.5   Good command lefty was in A+ at age 19; didn't throw very hard then   ESPN
4   Gio Gonzalez   7.3   21-yr-old AA lefty with tons of Ks; his command wasn't the greatest   ESPN
5 Trevor Cahill   5.3   2006 2nd rounder had elite K% and insane GB numbers in Low-A   Baseball America
6   Neil Walker   4.7   Good contact hitter with patience & power did well as 21-yr-old in AA   Project Prospect
7 Carlos Carrasco   1.7   Pitched well for 20-yr-old in A+; performance took a steep drop in AA   Project Prospect
8   Taylor Teagarden   1.7   Excellent power, terrible K-rate; didn't have much MLB value in '10-'11 Project Prospect
9 Ryan Kalish   0.6   Teenager who had yet to play a game in full-season ball as of 2007   ESPN
10   Sean Gallagher   0.5   Had success as 21-yr-old in AAA then struggled for 14 IP in the bigs   Baseball Prospectus
Highest Ranked Prospects Who Have 0 WAR
Rk   Player   Ave. Rk   Comments   Ranked highest by
1 Jake McGee   22.3   Was coming off dominant A+ stint at age 21; high BB% in AA promo   Project Prospect (8)
2   Fernando Martinez   25.3   Played in AA as an 18-yr-old but didn't hit for power; had injury probs   ESPN (10)
3 Jordan Schafer   27.3   CF cruised through A & A+ showing power, patience and raw speed   Baseball Prospectus (17)
4   Angel Villalona   27.8   Showed some power and contact ability as 17-yr-old in rookie ball   ESPN (20)
5 Brandon Wood   27.8   Solid line in AAA, except for 24.6% K; 12 K in 33 PA in MLB debut   Baseball America (16)
6   Matt LaPorta   29.8   Surprise 7th overall pick in '07 played hurt after signing; good AFL   Baseball America (23)
7 Chris Marrero   34.3   Started slow in Low-A before finding power & totalling 23 HR (A/A+)   Project Prospect (18)
8   Josh Vitters   34.3   3rd overall pick in '07 was thought of as an excellent pure hitter    ESPN (17)
9 Jeff Clement   37.5   24-yr-old catcher had caught up to AAA pitching in 2nd full season   Project Prospect (31)
10   Chin-lung Hu   45.7   Good contact bat; showed some pop but no BB as 23-yr-old in AAA   Baseball Prospectus (32)
Top Performers by WAR
Rk   Player   WAR   Comments   Ranked highest by
1 Evan Longoria   26.9   Ranked 1st (ESPN), 2nd (BA), 3rd (PP/BP); 3B with pwr & patience   ESPN
2   Joey Votto   22.8   Ranked 21st (PP/BP), 44th (BA), 56th (ESPN); upside questioned   Tied between PP and BP
3 Jacoby Ellsbury   17.3   Ranked 13th (BA), 16th (BP), 19th (ESPN) and 22nd (PP)   Baseball America
4   Clayton Kershaw   17.1   Ranked 5th (BP), 6th (PP/ESPN), 7th (BA); near flawless P prospect   Baseball Prospectus
5 Carlos Gonzalez   13.8   Ranked 22nd (BA), 26th (BP), 38th (PP) and 42nd (ESPN)   Baseball America
6   Andrew McCutchen   12.9   Ranked 12th (ESPN), 14th (BA), 24th (PP/BP); speedy CF w/ pop   ESPN
7 Jay Bruce   11.3   Ranked 1st (PP/BA/BP) and 2nd (ESPN); from A+ to AAA at age 20   Tied between BA and BP
8   Max Scherzer   10.9   Ranked 66th (BA), 81st (ESPN), 90th (BP); good upsite & A+ #s   Baseball America
9 Geovany Soto   10.8   Ranked 32nd (ESPN), 37th BP, 47th (BA) and 56th (PP)   ESPN
10   Justin Masterson   10.6   Ranked 53rd (BP), 57th (PP), 58th (ESPN) and 64th (BA)   Baseball Prospectus