Top 10 First Basemen Under 25

November 24, 2008
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All Positions: C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / CF / OF / P

There aren't many young first basemen who are starting in the big leagues, which makes guys like Prince Fielder and Billy Butler rarities to begin with. Add Chris Davis to the mix with Daric Barton and James Loney and there's a decent group of young first basemen on the rise. That is if Davis continues his surge toward stardom, Daric Barton learns from his 2008 struggles, and James Loney improves a little. 

Top 10 First Basemen Under the age of 25
No.   Player   Pos.   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Prince Fielder   1B   Didn't live up to '07 standards (.404 wOBA) in '08 (.358); patience still there though (12.1% BB)  24.4   MIL   MLB
2   Chris Davis   1B/3B   .369 wOBA in 317 MLB PA; lack of discipline (6.3% BB), high K's (27.8%) causes for concern   22.6   TEX   MLB
3   Billy Butler   1B/DH   Inverted BB, K %'s in AAA (12.2%, 6.1%), bigs (6.9%, 11.9%); .319 wOBA in 578 MLB PA   22.5   KC   MLB
4   Daric Barton   1B   Disappointed in 1st full ML season (.296 wOBA); could be the odd man out in Oakland in 2009   23.2   OAK   MLB
5   James Loney   1B   After .385 wOBA in '07, dropped to .331 in '08; slow start & end; .301/.336/.471 on the road   24.4   LAD   MLB
6   Lars Anderson   1B   All he did was follow .398 wOBA showing in Cal League with .415 wOBA in Eastern League   21.1   BOS   AA
7   Justin Smoak   1B   No. 11 overall pick had .372 wOBA (62 PA) in Low-A; .450 wOBA, 40% XBH in 48 AFL PA    21.9   TEX   A
8   Eric Hosmer   1B   No. 3 overall pick brings advanced approach to the plate for a high schooler; some power, too    19.0   KC   R
9   Yonder Alonso   1B   No. 7 overall pick sporting a .308/.419/.510 line (124 PA) in HWB; both power, patience    21.5   CIN   A+
10   Kila Ka'aihue   1B/DH   After posting .347 wOBA last year, Hawaiian sat above .450 this season; walks a ton   24.5   KC   MLB
Honorables: Logan Morrison (FLA), Freddie Freeman (ATL), and David Cooper (TOR).            
* Our rankings combine a player's ceiling with the odds that he'll reach it within a five-year period
** Ages are as of November 1st, 2008            
*** Level is the highest level the player has reached            
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