Top 10 Center Fielders Under 25

January 20, 2009
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All Positions: C / 1B / 2B / SS / 3B / CF / OF / P


Top 10 Center Fielders Under the age of 25
No.   Player   Pos.   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   B.J. Upton   CF   Breakout alert: huge postseason, shoulder repaired, K% down 7.2 ('07 to '08) and BB% up 3.3   24.1   TB   MLB
2   Matt Kemp   CF/RF   Went .291/.340/.460 in 1st full MLB season (655 PA); BB, K rates both up slightly from '07   24.1   LAD   MLB
3   Cameron Maybin   CF   Nearly replicated A+ (.406 wOBA) numbers in AA (.381); still K'd a ton (26.9%); .179 IsoP   21.5   FLA   MLB
4   Colby Rasmus   CF   After posting .397 wOBA in AA in '07, fell to .324 in AAA in '08; missed time w/ sprained knee   22.2   STL   AAA
5   Dexter Fowler   CF   Olympian had breakout year: career-best .401 wOBA; lots of BBs (12.9%), K's down (17.6%)   22.6   COL   MLB
6   Lastings Milledge   CF   Seems like he's been around forever, but '08 was 1st full MLB season: .320 wOBA, .134 IsoP   23.5   WAS   MLB
7   Adam Jones   CF   After putting up .409 wOBA in AAA ('07), went .309 w/ Orioles in '08; IsoP cut in half; great D   23.2   BAL   MLB
8   Jordan Schafer   CF   HGH use cost him 50 games; good power (.202 IsoP), good BB (14.0%), bad K's (25.2%)   22.1   ATL   AA
9   Carlos Gomez   CF   7th youngest hitter in MLB last season; exceptional D; could be an average hitter in his prime   22.9   MIN   MLB
10   Fernando Martinez   CF/LF   Wasn't overmatched as youngest AA player (.332 wOBA); IsoP up from .106 ('07) to .145 ('08) 20.0   NYM   AA
Honorables: Denard Span (MIN), Andrew McCutchen (PIT), and Dustin Ackley (UNC).            
* Our rankings combine a player's ceiling with the odds that he'll reach it and favor recent production            
** Ages are as of November 1st, 2008            
*** Level is the highest level the player has reached            
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