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Steve Carter gives his thoughts on 10 of the top high school bats available in the 2011 MLB Draft.

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Gerrit Cole is a potential number one pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, but is he worth the hype? 

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Adam recently had a conversation with a scout about the value of star players versus regulars. Here's how it went:

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Read about Manny Banuelos' April 25, 2011 start from a scout who saw him that day.

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Billy Hamilton is a slick-fielding shortstop and a plus runner. A rhythm hitter with easy bat speed, he has plenty of swagger.

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Meet Jose Rivero. Meet superhuman bat speed.

2011 Opening Day Chat - 03/30/2011

Join Lincoln as he chats about opening day.

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Adam caught Tyler Matzek's March 22nd start from right behind the plate and condensed every pitch into a 3-minute video. Check it out...

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Join Lincoln to discuss the happenings of NCAA opening weekend.

Random Prospect Chat - 02/03/2011

by Project Prospect

Who's up for a random, spontaneous prospect chat?

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Steve Carter compares a relative unknown and a former bonus baby in battle of San Diego Padres center field prospects.

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We found a scout who saw Lamb four times last season and provided us with a very detailed report of what he saw.

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An anonymous AL scout gave us his thoughts on long tossing.

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The 2011 DPG is going to blow you away.

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We saw Fuentes play a few times earlier this year.

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Jerry Sands' monster 2010 season vaulted him from prospect obscurity to top prospect consideration.

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Lincoln Hamilton chatted about prospects during the 2010 Arizona Fall League Championship Game.

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Our detailed analysis from last spring of every player on our 2010 Top 100 prospect list.

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Join Adam Loberstein as he chats live from the 2010 Rising Stars Game.

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Everyone's talking about the batting practice show Bryce Harper puts on. In case you've missed it, here's some video.

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Who signed the bulk of the players who participated in the 2010 postseason? Where did they sign them from?

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Die hard fans of the 22 non-playoff teams can now shift their collective attention to that wellspring of optimism: the MLB draft.

Kyle Drabek's Big League Debut - 09/18/2010

Drabek's debut showed why some scouts love the potential and why you, the astute reader, should still be cautious.

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We asked 32 Eastern League managers, coaches and players who they thought was the best player in the league this year.