Baseball's Best Mustaches - 09/09/2010

Mustaches, you know you want to look. 

2010 Cape Cod Wrap-Up - 08/21/2010

As the summer leagues around the country draw to a close, it’s time totake a look at some of the best performers.

Summer College Baseball Update - 08/05/2010

Scouts, baseball execs and rabid fans are already well emersed in studying the next crop of young stars. 

Tyler Skaggs Scouting Report - 07/28/2010

Tyler Skaggs could easily turn into a third or fourth starter.

Anthony Rendon Scouting Report: Part II - 07/23/2010

Steve Carter goes further in depth on Anthony Rendon's swing in Part II of his scouting report.

Anthony Rendon Scouting Report: Part I - 07/15/2010

Steve Carter breaks down Anthony Rendon's swing, and finds an interesting comparable.

2010 Futures Game Chat - 07/11/2010

by Project Prospect
Join us as we discuss the 2010 Futures Game live!

College World Series Scouting Preview - 06/19/2010

The College World Series returns this weekend, in the yearly celebration of all things great about amateur baseball.

2010 MLB Draft Sleepers - 06/08/2010

Despite what some people would have you believe, the 2010 MLB draft will contain more than one player, or even one round.

2010 MLB Draft Chat - 06/07/2010

by Project Prospect
Join us as we chat about the MLB Draft all day.

Michael Choice Scouting Report - 06/04/2010

We look at Choice from both a statistical and mechanical perspective, trying to get an idea of his overall draft prospects.

Our hesitation with Zack Cox - 06/03/2010

The guys discuss why they think Zack Cox is too much of a gamble as a top 10 overall pick.

Community Mock Draft Part 2 - 05/30/2010

by Project Prospect
The second part of our 2010 Community Mock Draft.

Chris Sale Scouting Report - 05/27/2010

Lincoln takes an in-depth look at one of the most divisive prospects in this year’s class: Chris Sale.

Community Mock Draft - 05/25/2010

by Project Prospect
This page is being used as a draft room for our first ever live community mock draft.

Randall Delgado Scouting Report - 05/20/2010

Randall Delgado was the most impressive pitcher we saw in minor league spring training this year.

Revisiting the 2005 Draft Part I - 05/04/2010

Steve Carter examines why Alex Gordon has yet to live up to his potential.

Shelby Miller scouting report - 05/03/2010

We recently had a chance to get a firsthand look at Cardinals 2009 first round pick Shelby Miller from right behind the plate.

Ike Davis Scouting Report - 04/19/2010

by Project Prospect
Check out what we wrote about Ike Davis in the 2010 Digital Prospect Guide.

Prospect Injury Report - 04/19/2010

Mike Moustakas (oblique) is one of many top prospects who have been unable to take the field due to injury so far this season.

2010 Draft Class Update - 04/15/2010

Any discussion of the 2010 MLB draft begins with Bryce Harper.

Twins exercise patience with Hicks - 04/14/2010

Hicks has exceptional talent at the plate, but as he moves up, he knows he still has adjustments to make.

2010 Season Opener Chat - 04/04/2010

by Project Prospect
The guys discuss the 2010 season opener and prospects, of course.

Miguel Sano: Focused on the future - 03/31/2010

The much-talked-about shortstop is 16 years old and the spotlight shone on him has been intense.

Tommy Lasorda hitting lecture - 03/28/2010

Video of Tommy Lasorda giving Kyle Russell a hitting lesson.

Ramos honing his defensive game - 03/16/2010

While Wilson Ramos has excellent defensive ability at his position, the goal now is to improve a crucial skill: calling a game.

DPG 100-player book released - 03/08/2010

You've been patiently waiting and we've been pulling all nighters to get this done for you.

College Batting Leaders from 2007-2009 - 02/18/2010

Adjusted college offensive statistics from 2007 through 2009.

DPG Video Sample - 01/28/2010

A sample of the type of video you'll get with the DPG.

Brandon Allen Scouting Report - 01/25/2010

Swing analyst Steve Carter breaks down Brandon Allen's swing.