Rookie Review: Trevor Cahill - 09/17/2009

Trevor Cahill has had a solid first full MLB season, but his slider and curve will need to improve before he becomes a No. 1-2.

Dustin Ackley Scouting Report - 09/17/2009

We take a look at the No. 2 overall pick in the 2009 MLB draft, Seattle Mariners' stud Dustin Ackley.

Scouting Daniel Hudson with PITCHf/x - 09/14/2009

White Sox right-hander Daniel Hudson has thrown 70 pitches in the majors. How does he stack up under the PITCHf/x light?

Brett Wallace Scouting Report - 09/14/2009

Swing Analyst Steve Carter breaks down Brett Wallace's swing and power potential.

Scouting Madison Bumgarner's debut with PITCHf/x - 09/08/2009

Highly touted left-handed pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner made his Major League debut on Tuesday night. How'd he do?

Scouting Wade Davis' debut with PITCHf/x - 09/07/2009

Analysis of Wade Davis' Major League debut against the Detroit Tigers.

Prospect Injury Report - 09/07/2009

Vision problems may have played a role in Eric Hosmer's 2009 struggles. He had lasik eye surgery in August.

Scouting Carrasco's debut with PITCHf/x - 09/01/2009

Analysis of Carlos Carrasco's Major League debut against the Detroit Tigers

Average ages by level - 08/27/2009

We put together an exhaustive list of player's ages by level back in April. Here's some more data from that research.

50 Youngest Low-A Players - 08/23/2009

Though hitting for power and getting on base aren't Wilmer Flores' strong points, he's young and a very good contact hitter.

Summer League Wrap-Up - 08/18/2009

Much to the dismay of many of our readers, summer baseball is nearly over.

50 Youngest High-A Players - 08/16/2009

Angel Villalona entered the 2009 season as the youngest player in High-A by over six months.

James Darnell Scouting Report - 08/15/2009

Baseball scout Steve Carter breaks down James Darnell's swing and how Darnell projects for the future.

Scouting Jake Arrieta with PITCHf/x - 08/13/2009

Analysis of Jake Arrieta's August 8th start at the Futures at Fenway game in front of the PITCHf/x camera system.

Tyson Gillies Scouting Report - 08/12/2009

Baseball scout Steve Carter breaks down Tyson Gillies' swing in detail

Prospect Injury Report - 08/11/2009

Jarrod Parker (elbow soreness) is one of the highest-profile prospects to be sidelined by injury this year.

Buster Posey Scouting Report - 08/10/2009

Baseball scout Steve Carter breaks down Buster Posey's swing and offensive approach in detail.

YouScout: Tyson Gillies - 08/07/2009

Tyson Gillies is one of the most exciting players in the California League. We captured this footage of him on August 1st, 2009.

YouScout: Alex Liddi - 08/03/2009

We got a our first in-person look at Alex Liddi when we made it out to High Desert last weekend.

Alex White Scouting Report - 07/30/2009

We continue our scouting series with the look at Cleveland's first round pick, Alex White.

YouScout: Mike Moustakas - 07/27/2009

We didn't get many Mike Moustakas clips in Minor League Spring Training, but here's some edited footage nonetheless.

50 Youngest Double-A Players - 07/26/2009

We're back with our youngest players by level series. Sorry for the delay! Carlos Triunfel.

YouScout: Engel Beltre - 07/22/2009

Engel Beltre is struggling mightily in High-A. Watch the footage within and see if you can figure out some reasons why.

YouScout: Angel Villalona - 07/17/2009

Villalona has been quite a polarizing prospect over the last few years. Judge him with your own eyes.

Prospect Injury Report - 07/15/2009

Jason Knapp (shoulder fatigue) and Jenrry Mejia (strained finger) both are on the DL; Lorenzo Cain (torn PCL) has returned.

Bryce Harper Scouting Report - 07/14/2009

Bryce Harper is the number one prospect for the 2010 MLB draft, take a closer look at why he's so good.

Barrel Awareness: Correlating Team Hitting Stats with Runs - 07/09/2009

We looked at six years of team data to determine which offensive statistics have the strongest correlations with runs scored.

Barrel Awareness: 96 distinguishable bats - 07/08/2009

Separated from the masses by deviations above the mean in BB%, K%, and IsoP, the players within can hit.

Barrel Awareness: Revisiting the Texas League's '06 Bats - 07/04/2009

We can isolate elite hitters using mathematics alone. See this Texas League example.