Hawaii Winter Baseball Update - 10/23/2008

The Hawaiian Winter Baseball league currently boasts three of the top ten picks from last June's draft.

Youngest Players by Level: Triple-A - 10/09/2008

While he spent the bulk of 2008 in the majors, Jay Bruce was the youngest player in Triple-A during his 49 games stay.

Youngest Players by Level: Major Leagues - 10/01/2008

Led by 20-year-old Clayton Kershaw, 20 big leaguers finished the 2008 season under the age of 23.

Gonzalez looks to past struggles in hopes of Oakland success - 09/12/2008

Before Gio Gonzalez was struggling in the major leagues, he was struggling in Sacramento.

AFLAC All-American Game (Part 2) - 09/12/2008

There were several potential first round hitters on display at the AFLAC game, including a few guys with top 10 talent. 

Anderson's Travels Continue - 09/04/2008

Brett Anderson has gone from High-A to Double-A to Triple-A this season, making stops at Yankee Stadium and in Beijing in between.

AFLAC All-American Game (Part 1) - 09/02/2008

Earlier this month a collection of the best High School talent gathered in historic Chavez Ravine to play in Dodger Stadium.

Sullymetrics: Dominance Factor Top 25s - 07/31/2008

As we near the conclusion of the minor league season, we get a better picture of where many pitching prospects stand.

Cape Cod League Update - 07/30/2008

Scouting college players for next year’s draft really starts in Cape Cod, MA.

2008 MLB Draft Signings - 07/21/2008

We’re over a month past the 2008 MLB draft and half of the 30 first round picks have yet to sign professional contracts.

Breaking News: Jake McGee to have Tommy John surgery - 06/26/2008

A source close to Jake McGee has informed Project Prospect that the lefty will have Tommy John surgery.

Lincoln’s rules for college stats - 06/04/2008

Lincoln compares successful and unsuccessful top 50 overall picks from college since 2000.

2008 Draft Sleepers - 06/04/2008

Lincoln aims to highlight some draft talents who have remained in the shadows.

Sullymetrics: Dominance Factor - 05/30/2008

I wanted to create a statistic that shows to what extent a pitcher is dominating; something unbiased and simple. Here it is...

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 14 - 05/28/2008

Last week, Conference Tournaments were held and the field of 64 was announced.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 12 - 05/18/2008

Let’s take a look at some of what college’s best players have done to date and see who’s been bit by the injury bug now.

2008's Potential First Rounders - 05/08/2008

Some names to know if you're interested in who your team may take with its top pick next month.

Shooter Hunt Profile - 04/29/2008

A close look at Steven Daniel “Shooter” Hunt - he gets the nickname from Dennis Hooper’s character in the movie “Hoosiers”.

Matt LaPorta: Worth the Wait - 04/25/2008

Matt LaPorta's journey to the professional ranks was far more complicated than he planned and it has been worth the wait.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 9 - 04/24/2008

This past weekend I made it to see three Big-12 games and I have a lot to report on.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 8 - 04/18/2008

A crazy week resulted in some unusual box scores and impressive individual performances.

Youngest Players by Level - 04/08/2008

The Yankees, Marlins, and Mets have some of the youngest players by level in baseball.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 6 - 04/01/2008

This week, Lincoln provides some info on high school catcher Kyle Skipworth along with his typical college coverage.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 5 - 03/27/2008

Freshman outfield Kentrail Davis is off to an amazing college debut while some Jr. outfielders are heating up.

College Hot/Cold Report: Week 4 - 03/17/2008

Shortstop Gordon Beckham and righthander Aaron Crow continue to improve their draft stock.

College Review: Week 2 - 03/04/2008

As the season continues Lincoln Hamilton hopes to keep everyone abreast with what’s going on in collegiate ball.

Scouting Science: Does height matter for MLB pitchers? - 02/07/2008

Instead of just accepting an old baseball truism, Lincoln decided to put it to the test. His instruments: inches for height and VORP for value.

Hawaii Winter League Wrap Up - 11/23/2007

The final article on the Hawaii Winter League provides conclusions about the offensive nature of the league and its top prospects.

Hawaii Winter League Report #4 - 11/14/2007

Mat Gamel has been one of the best hitters in Hawaii. Bud Norris has been among the league's most dominant arms.

Hawaii Winter League Report #3 - 11/06/2007

Austin Jackson continues to prove that his hot finish to the 2007 regular season was no fluke.