Top 25 Non-Top 100 Prospects - 06/06/2009

The first Top 25 Non-Top 100 of the year kicks off with Lonnie Chisnehall at the top of a list filled with exciting prospects.

Top 25 Prospect List - 05/31/2009

by Project Prospect
Santana and Zimmermann make two of the largest jumps up the list, while Moustakas and Lars Anderson fall off of it.

Lincoln's 2009 MLB Draft Board - 05/21/2009

There's still a lot of uncertainty with this class, as only a handful of players have solidified themselves as likely Top 15 picks.

Texas Rangers Top 5 - 05/02/2009

The Texas Rangers have built the most impressive group of minor league talent in the game via trades, the draft, and spending wisely in the international free agent market.

Top 25 prospect list - 05/01/2009

Off to a torrid start in High-A, Buster Posey is the biggest riser in our first prospect list of the 2009 season.

Pittsburgh Pirates Top 5 - 04/25/2009

With potential above-average regulars in Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates have some talent on the way.

Philadelphia Phillies Top 5 - 04/19/2009

At this point, we don't see many prospects in the Phillies' organization who are likely bets to turn into average big leaguers.

San Diego Padres Top 5 - 04/18/2009

The Padres have one of the top groups of hitting prospects in baseball, though many of these hitters aren't high-upside guys.

Baltimore Orioles Top 5 - 04/15/2009

The O's have shot new life into their minor leagues, taking the best position player and best pitcher in back-to-back drafts.

Washington Nationals Top 5 - 04/14/2009

The Nationals have quietly put together an elite group of top prospects in Zimmerman, Marrero, Burgess, McGeary, and Martis.

Lincoln's 2009 MLB Draft Board - 03/28/2009

A month has pasted since my last draft board and this latest incarnation features lots of shakeups.

New York Mets Top 5 - 03/26/2009

Between Fernando Martinez, Wilmer Flores, and Jefry Marte, the Mets have some very high-upside talents.

Top 200 Prospect List - 03/16/2009

by Project Prospect
Here's the culmination of an offseason of research. Adam F., Lincoln, and Brett alone spent over 24 discussing this list.

Florida Marlins Top 5 - 03/15/2009

Though they lack pitching prospects, the Marlins have one the deepest farm systems in all of baseball.

Seattle Mariners Top 5 - 03/11/2009

With upside in Aumont and Halman as well as potential regulars in Saunders and Tuiasosopo, this system is in solid shape.

Top 50 Hitters Under 25 - 03/09/2009

by Project Prospect
There's a good chance that Justin Upton will be the top hitter in baseball under the age of 25 from 2010 to 2012.

Cleveland Indians Top 5 - 03/06/2009

LaPorta, Santana, Weglarz and Mills mean the Indians' future lineup is in good shape. And Huff will likely help the rotation.

San Francisco Giants Top 5 - 03/05/2009

The Giants have two potential stars in Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey. Both players could be in the big leagues in 2010.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 5 - 03/04/2009

With Clayton Kershaw now graduated to the big leagues, the Dodgers no longer have one standout guy.

Arizona Diamondbacks Top 5 - 03/04/2009

Where have you gone Mike Rizzo? Aside from its top three prospects, Arizona's farm system is in terrible shape right now.

Chicago Cubs Top 5 - 03/03/2009

The Cubs don't have an elite upper-level hitter, but Josh Vitters could become that guy.

St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 - 03/03/2009

St. Louis' minor league system has more depth than you may think.

Milwaukee Brewers Top 5 - 03/01/2009

Though Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar have some obstacles to overcome, they both could become solid big leaguers.

Atlanta Braves Top 5 - 02/28/2009

Between Jason Heyward, Tommy Hanson, and Jordan Schafer, the Braves have one of the best 1-2-3 prospect punches around.

Toronto Blue Jays Top 5 - 02/26/2009

We see a steep dropoff after Travis Snider, Brett Cecil, and David Cooper. Those three, however, are pretty talented.

Oakland Athletics Top 5 - 02/25/2009

All 14 players on this list are arguably among the top 200 prospects in all of baseball, the majority of which are top-100 types.

Houston Astros Top 5 - 02/25/2009

There is some upside here. But we're looking at three '08 draft picks, a SP turned CF, and a potential RP in the Top 5.

Lincoln's 2009 MLB Draft Board - 02/25/2009

Stephen Strasburg, Dustin Ackley, and Grant Green sit atop Lincoln Hamilton's first 2009 draft board.

Los Angeles Angels Top 5 - 02/23/2009

Led by Jordan Walden, the Angels have some talented pitching prospects on the way.

Top 50 Pitchers Under 25 - 02/23/2009

Just because Strasburg and Darvish aren't signed to MLB contracts doesn't mean they aren't among the top pitchers in the world.