2008 Draft Study: College Bats - 05/13/2008

Having never run across any publicly available attempts of using numbers to evaluate draft prospects, I devised my own.

Word On The Steet - 05/12/2008

From Scherzer's debut to Fausto's troubles, Phil tells you what he was reminded of while watching this week's MLB action.

Is Cliff Lee a born-again ace? - 05/10/2008

We still don't think the Indians and Cliff Lee fantasy owners have a born-again ace in their hands.

The Midweek Crisis: Getting the Call - 05/07/2008

Because of two games, I'll never watch the minor leagues the same way again.

The Word On The Street - 05/05/2008

From Aaron Laffey to Michael Inoa, Phil Brody tells you what he's seen in baseball over the past week.

Top 10 College Sophomores - 05/02/2008

Here is a very early look at top 10 sophomores in college baseball who will be eligible for the 2009 MLB draft.

Will the Giants take Smoak at No. 5? - 05/01/2008

The MLB Draft only about five weeks away and loyal fans are already starting to think about who their team could be taking.

The Word On The Street - 04/28/2008

I See Your Scherzer and Raise You A Meloan.

The Word On The Street - 04/20/2008

Focused on rookies, Phil Brody is back with his observations on happenings in major and minor league baseball.

The Midweek Crisis: Return of the Twilight Zone - 04/16/2008

For those of you who want to remain true fans of terrible teams, here's my three-step program for coping with a hopeless season.

Renegade Pick Checkup: PP - 04/15/2008

We didn't know it at the time, but on February 18th, 2008 Project Prospect adopted 12 prospects.

Deep Dynasty Fishing: 12 names to follow - 04/14/2008

If you're like me, you don't consider it real fantasy baseball unless Jason Neighborgall is owned by someone in your league.

The Word On The Street - 04/14/2008

Majors, minors, regional television rights, Phil Brody brings you the word on the street in his debut Project Prospect column.

Project Fantasy: Bats Knocking On The Door - 04/07/2008

If there's a 2008 version of Carlos Pena's fantasy arrival, we hope that we've captured him on this list.

Aaron Crow 4/4/08 Scouting Report - 04/06/2008

With Crow's stock on the rise, some people are now leaning toward him as the No. 1 pitcher in the 2008 Draft.

Tim Melville Scouting Report - 03/26/2008

Tim Melville may be raw at this point but the big righty still figures to be a first-round pick in 2008.

Opening Morning - 03/25/2008

For those of you who A) aren’t in Japan, or B) were too cool to wake up at 3 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Project Fantasy: Investing In Francs - 03/15/2008

In the latest edition of Project Fantasy, Ray Lin breaks down what to expect from Jeff Francoeur in 2008.

Prospect Speed Analysis - 03/14/2008

Who are some of the fastest players in the minors and who may have to change positions?

Aaron Crow Scouting Report - 03/09/2008

Our first close look at one of 2008's top draft prospects.

Industry Top 100 Analysis - 02/28/2008

Over half players in our top 100 were also in BA, BP, ESPN, and Mound Talk’s. So what really separates these lists?

The Midweek Crisis: Spring (Training) Didn't Come Fast Enough - 02/27/2008

With the 2008 season on the horizon, here are six wishes for the semi-immediate baseball future.

Project Fantasy: Hitting Breakouts in 2008 - 02/17/2008

Off with the gloves and on with the lumber. Last season had plenty of breakouts, so who's it going to be this year?

Bustout Candidate: Jason Kubel - 02/04/2008

A victim of a catastrophic knee injury three years ago, 25-year-old Jason Kubel is primed for a huge year.

Project Fantasy: Pitching Breakouts in 2008 - 01/29/2008

Looking for a few bets to break out on the mound this season? Here's what our fantasy columist and community came up with.

Project Fantasy: Valuing Prospects According to League Format - 01/19/2008

Spring training is approaching, and that means it’s time to start strapping on the cleats for fantasy baseball.

The Midweek Crisis: Fremont Rejoices - 01/09/2008

While it’s hard to say goodbye to what was once a good thing, the A’s have made it easier by embracing Fremont.

The Midweek Crisis: Houston's Problem - 12/19/2007

Houston, having as good of a chance to find your next top prospect on Neptune as you do in Corpus Christi is a problem.

Book Review: Harvard Boys - 12/11/2007

John Wolff and his father Rick guide readers through their experiences as minor leaguers. The Harvard grads provide a fascinating depiction of what life is like for many minor leaguers.

The Midweek Crisis: First Round Checkup - 09/05/2007

With the 2007 Draft a thing of the past and every first rounder signed, now is the time to take note of who has excelled in the early stages of their respective careers.