Farm Feed: Yovani Gallardo - 12/24/2006

When the Milwaukee Brewers selected Yovani Gallardo in the second round of the 2004 Draft they knew they were making an investment on a good, young arm. But did they know that they would be hitting the jackpot?

Free Fantasy Advice: Cody's 3 Keepers - 12/21/2006

The big decision: Carl Crawford or Vernon Wells.

Who is Daisuke Matsuzaka? - 12/20/2006

Fenway Park sits more than an ocean away from Tokorozawa, Saitama and the Seibu Dome. Believe it or not, Daisuke Matsuzaka had a life there prior to the Scott Boras Era.

Farm Feed: Travis Buck - 12/17/2006

Power numbers, the ability to hit for average, plus speed, a rocket arm, and exceptional defense. Who doesn’t enjoy the pursuit of unearthing the next five-tool prospect?

Free Fantasy Advice: Is Andrew Miller already a keeper? - 12/14/2006

Some trade advice involving Andrew Miller comes in this week's Free Fantasy Advice column.

Reading Between the Baselines: Giants start youth movement - 12/12/2006

Through the free agent signings of Barry Bonds (42 years old), Ray Durham (35), Rich Aurilia (35), Dave Roberts (34), Bengie Molina (32), and Pedro Feliz (31), the San Francisco Giants began their Post-Barry Bonds Youth Movement.

The Gambler - 12/08/2006

If you know you have a potential fantasy star, do you throw that aside for the next big thing?

Free Fantasy Advice: Is Verlander for real? - 12/07/2006

Ready to pull the plug on Verlander already? The dude just finished his rookie season and was as good as any rookie pitcher in recent history.

Reading Between the Baselines: Project Prospect Conversations - 12/05/2006

I’ve been really impressed with the in-depth conversations that have gone on in the Project Prospect Forums. So I’ve decided to feature some questions and perspectives from these discussions in a column that I’m going to start writing on a regular basis... Project Prospect Conversations.

Most Vulnerable Player - 11/27/2006

So three big league ball players walk into a bar...

Reading Between the Baselines: Loney will be Dealt - 11/22/2006

By signing Nomar Garciaparra to a two-year $18.5 million contract, the Dodgers essentially cut ties with first base prospect James Loney.

Reading Between the Baselines: New Era of Defensive Stats Imminent - 11/16/2006

The deepest, darkest mystery in baseball is on the verge of being solved and most fans don’t even know it.

Reading Between the Baselines: AFL Observations - 11/13/2006

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Arizona Fall League, you’re missing out. The talent is phenomenal. You can show up midway through the game and still sit in the front row. Tickets are less than $10. Parking is free... the list goes on and on.

Reading Between the Baselines: Dukes will be a Big Leaguer - 11/06/2006

There’s no doubt in my mind that five years from now, Elijah Dukes be a player who fantasy owners are targeting in the early rounds of their drafts.

Baseball and its Farce Numbers - 11/05/2006

Decibels shake stadiums in October. Tendencies suggest when to pinch hit whom. Inches separate a home run from out three. But numbers, they are what ascend the daily diamond dazzlers into celestial gods.

Reading Between the Baselines: AFL Numbers are Screwy - 11/01/2006

When it comes to applying numbers, the Arizona Fall League is about as valuable of an evaluation tool as the RBI.

Under the Radar: Baseball Fans Need Not Fear Halloween - 10/27/2006

If you’re if you’re going to dress up for Halloween, why not dress up as something you enjoy? Like baseball prospects!

Under the Radar: Put Me in Coach! (Rockies' Edition) - 10/19/2006

Every GM tries to stockpile talent, and it's not their fault when their best prospects turn out to play the same position.

Reading Between the Baselines: Where to Find Elite Arms - 10/13/2006

Stars come from college while superstars come from high school and the international market. Right? Not when it comes to pitching.

Under the Radar: Put Me in Coach! - 10/12/2006

Changing positions is hard, especially if you’ve spent most of your amateur and professional career playing in one spot.

Reading Between the Baselines: Fantasy Strategy in MLB Draft? - 09/30/2006

I’ve lost sleep over tying to answer questions like: should major league teams generally use their first round draft picks on hitters?

UTR: Were you a victim of URHS? - 09/27/2006

It’s called Undersized Right-Hander Syndrome (URHS) and it has affected thousands of pitchers across the country.