The Midweek Crisis: Why I Wear No. 42 - 04/18/2007

How many times have we seen the face of our civilization change over night? Enter April 15, 1947.

Free Fantasy Advice: Instant Gratification Versus the Great Beyond - 04/05/2007

Dan from Minneapolis, Minn. asks for some SP draft advice.

Free Fantasy Advice: Manning the Hot Corner - 03/27/2007

In this edition of Free Fantasy Advice, Adam Loberstein sorts out a mess at third.

The Modern Leadoff Hitter - 03/26/2007

Does anyone remember when a leadoff hitter was supposed to get on base and steal about 35 bags a year? Have things changed!

Reading Between the Baselines: K/9 is an outdated metric - 03/20/2007

Scott Elbert’s 10.66 strikeout per nine ratio put him among the minor league’s elite last season – 8th best of the pitchers in our Top 100. That doesn’t mean squat.

The 5x5 Corner: Johan or Jo-Arsenic - 03/15/2007

Theoretically, it makes sense in a 5x5 league to spend an early draft pick on a player who was elite in five categories the year before. But theory doesn’t win fantasy championships, and neither does drafting Johan Santana in the early-mid first round, Michael Gehlken explains.

Free Fantasy Advice: All-in with Ace(s)? - 03/14/2007

Would you rather go into this year with Cain and Verlander, or Halladay and a starting pitcher in the 35-50 range of starting pitchers?

The Midweek Crisis: Where Have all the Numbers Gone? - 03/07/2007

The end of the world is near. There is a cataclysmic problem enveloping the evaluation process of baseball prospects all across the land.

Reading Between the Baselines: PP vs. BP vs. BA Top 100 (Part II) - 03/05/2007

Adam Foster answers questions concerning the Project Prospect, Baseball Prospectus, and Baseball America 2007 Top 100 lists.

Reading Between the Baselines: PP vs. BP vs. BA Top 100 - 03/02/2007

Last year, prospect followers only had one credible Top 100 prospect list to reference (Baseball America's). I think there are three good ones out there this year: Baseball America's, Baseball Prospectus', and ours.

Madison Bumgarner: '07 1st Rounder - 03/01/2007

If you haven't started to take a close look at South Caldwell High lefty Madison Bumgarner, you have some catching up to do.

Reading Between the Baselines: What's Up With Roto? - 02/26/2007

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Roto baseball is an absolute waste of time. And I’m becoming very interested in why some seasoned baseball minds choose to play it.

The 5x5 Corner: Introduction - 02/22/2007

Anticipation in the air and yesteryear’s shortcomings gone with the wind, the 2007 fantasy season is soon to be played out.

Free Fantasy Advice: Prospect Mayhem - 02/22/2007

Here at Project Prospect, we’re as into following the big leagues as we are the minors. So we have perspectives on every kind of fantasy question. We’re making an effort to help your team out by providing Free Fantasy Advice once a week.

All-star Voting is a Joke - 02/21/2007

Major League all-star voting and MVP voting are a complete joke. The voting is a popularity contest, and isn't based on player performance.

Farm Feed: Jeff Samardzija - 02/18/2007

The list of childhood career aspirations is filled with everything from being an astronaut to a rock star. Now tell your inner child that you have what it takes to pursue two of these fantasy jobs. Life is good when you’re named Jeff Samardzija.

Fantasy Owners: You're Being Deceived - 02/14/2007

Wins and runs batted in are two of the most deceiving stats in baseball.

Reading Between the Baselines: Brackman's 2007 Debut - 02/09/2007

I was fortunate enough to be able to get off work early today and go see Andrew Brackman pitch in his first start of the season.

Reading Between the Baselines: Prior/Beckett vs. Hughes/Bailey - 02/05/2007

Five years ago, a pair of dazzling pitching prospect highlighted baseball’s crop of minor league talent.

Farm Feed: Jay Bruce - 02/04/2007

Over the course of his 18 major league seasons, Ken Griffey Jr. has posted a career vital line of .291/374/.557, slugged 563 home runs, and driven 1608 runners home while collecting 10 gold gloves, 11 all-star births, and the 1997 MVP award. Good thing the Cincinnati Reds feel they have a replacement inline.

Present, Future Shines Bright for the Dodgers - 01/31/2007

As the annual free agency fiasco rapidly starts to wind to an end, the Los Angeles Dodgers situation can be brought into focus as follows: The Dodgers are going to be good... for a very long time.

Free Fantasy Advice: Jeff Francoeur or Matt Garza? - 01/26/2007

I've been debating a keeper league question with a friend for a few days now, and I was wondering if you could give us your take. Who will have a better major league career: Matt Garza or Jeff Francoeur?

Hefty prices for hazy allegations - 01/25/2007

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America made a bold statement last week: Steroids are not welcome into the Hall of Fame.

Farm Feed: Tim Lincecum - 01/21/2007

How many chances does a scout get to look at a pitcher standing just over 5-foot-10, weighing in at 155 pounds soaking wet, and think that that individual is to become the future of their professional baseball organization?

Free Fantasy Advice: Prospect Draft Help - 01/18/2007

Here at Project Prospect, we’re as into following the big leagues as we are the minors. So we have perspectives on every kind of fantasy question. We’re making an effort to help your team out by providing Free Fantasy Advice once a week.

Reading Between the Baselines: Just outside my Top 100 - 01/16/2007

My inbox has become saturated with emails wanting to know about some of the players who just fell short of making our 2007 Top 100 Prospect List. Ask and you shall receive.

Farm Feed: Colby Rasmus - 01/14/2007

With a 2005 draft class featuring the likes of high school outfielders such as Jay Bruce, Cameron Maybin, Andrew McCutchen, and Justin Upton, it becomes easy to overlook every other prospect in their category. Just make sure you know the name of the fifth teenage outfielder to be selected that day as well.

The Showdown: Philip Hughes vs. Homer Bailey - 01/12/2007

Both are 20 years of age and have advanced through identical levels. Both are big righties who can bring the heat. Both are unquestionably among the greatest prospects in all of baseball. So just for argument's sake: how on earth can you choose just one?

Farm Feed: Andrew McCutchen - 01/07/2007

Whenever a franchise uses a first round pick to select a high school prospect, they know it will take some time for their teenage future icon to develop. Someone forgot to send the memo to Andrew McCutchen.

Free Fantasy Advice: Cameron over Wells? - 12/28/2006

To all of those who have lost sleep over Wells versus Cameron, I can now give you your diagnosis: a moderately severe case of over-analysis.